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France / Re: Fonctionnement du systeme de transfert
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France / Re: le Mots de la Honte.
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France / Re: Equipe U21 S12-S13
« on: September 20, 2014, 07:56:54 AM »
- Bellamy (20 ans, Olympique Zyrkonien, 4/6/3)

France / Re: Systeme de transfert
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France / Re: U21 meilleurs joueurs et potentiels.
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France / Re: U21 meilleurs joueurs et potentiels.
« on: June 15, 2014, 11:06:46 AM »
Le poste d'AMC reste celui sur lequel je me pose des questions....

France / Re: Tous sujets
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France / Re: Comptes multiples
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France / Re: La taverne aux questions
« on: July 26, 2013, 08:56:53 AM »

In every game, it's the same. Some guys, like you, consider they can talk instead of the staff. I didn't ask you anything and your answer is obvious and lack the knowledge an admin could have. In one word, it's useless and quite aggressive on top of it.

I posted here because a lot of players check this thread to plan what they will do next. If it's wrong, an edit of the 1st post is needed urgently. If not, a lot of players will have the same disatisfactory experience and we can expect quite some will either stop playing or stop paying. Which is bad in both case. It's my first game where the training is mess up. It's a cruel let down.

Now if this exchange displease admin/GM/moderator, feel free to act which you consider is the best course of action. In my case, I'm completely down to see my effort has been killed by what seems to be a bug. So, as you can expect, don't count on me to pay any time soon for a broke game.

(Ruta, I'm finished here, no need to answer again :p)

When you train group of skills there is a possibility to get any skill.
From rules chapter 6
In this game, you are able to select priority focus area for each player to be trained. However, skills other than the priority focus area has a chance of improvement as well

I could understand if I got 1 of those "other" skills out of 3. But 7 out of 8 ! I don't see the aim of this thread to categorize every training if it's completely wrong.

And, I'm amazed you could consider this is a satisfactory answer in this case. But if you are right, this game is even more mess up than I though.

Hello admin,

I have a pretty big problem (in my opinion :p). I trained Tactical which is as I quote you :

But, my player Marcel Dupond (6185639) didn't trained in teamwork, nor decision. Here the last matchs he had, he trained (I didn't keep track of every day training) :
- Marking
- Heading
- Dribbling
(- Pace) Well I'm not sure but I think beginning to this one, it was my previous training.

My main problem is I almost reach its potential without trained the caracteristic I wanted. Pretty ugly, right ?
Is there a problem with this training ? Can you check about it ?

Obviously, I will change my training right now. But, if by any luck you can reverse this mess, it would be great.
(Well no need to comment this, I know I'm dreaming :p)

Edit : I forgot, I have 2 other players doing tactical too. And the same irregularities appears. Like it's a default training ?

Diodore Roy (6293659)
- Marking
- Tackling
- Didn't play

Baptiste Leon (5034321)
- Balance
- Pace
- Decisions

Worked once it seems ...

France / Re: Tournoi intersaison 8-9
« on: July 24, 2013, 09:10:47 AM »

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