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Player Transfer Ads / Re: Biggest youth selling ever!
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:41:49 AM »
03/10/13 Updated player list and prices

Noooo Ruta!!!! You also have a 21 tokens' player on loan!!!!  :o

Marctiello is right, because your DC deserves a lot more than 21 tokens, compared to others!  :P

As far as i remember, somebody won league and WCC once, playing hard tackling, using the same squad in all matches and without suffering casualties because of injury, wasn't that pay per win too?

Yes, you're right, I only mentioned the last case. All this to say that this game has ever been ppw, is not the "loan trade" to have suddendly turned it in a ppw game.

Some managers ask for more than 21tokens! The problem has been already discussed here.

But I can't really understand your concern, because GKO is not a PPW by now.
Don't you remember that our last cup winner has won his league and the national cup playing always with the same eleven? You know perfectly that player condition makes this impossible without massive use of token. Despite of his strong team, without the use of tokens he would not have had the slightest hope of being competitive in both competitions... isn't this PPW? But you know, this is not the first or the only case...

I have a solution for this. We should put players on loan with personal bank account,lol If/when money omit GKO owners they do something for sure
You are a damn genius!  :P

So for most teams, postseason is boring and produces a huge lost in their finances, maybe incomes from matches should be reduced and incomes from facilities should be increased, that would help many teams to avoid into debt. Then yes, if you can't keep finances health and you fall into debt, goodbye!

For ALL teams postseason is deadly boring, non only for most og them.
The money loss due to posteason is not that much and should be previously foreseen by the wise manager. Usually this loss doesn't lead to huge debt. Huge debt is caused by continuous bad management, i.e. excessive wages along all the season, but not only. If a bankruptcy system will be implemented in the future, also the foolest of the managers will think twice before bidding such wages, risking to loss all the team. So the economic/wage system will re-balance by itself.

Yep, wages screwing the game so much, its embarrassing.

I can't see the problem, it's like real soccer.
We only need bankruptcy system to wipe off bad managers.

Player Transfer Ads / Biggest youth selling ever!
« on: August 19, 2013, 12:49:00 PM »
Welcome to my biggest selling of young players!

Some prices are just as a showcase, but all prices are negotiable, so please send your offer via PM if you are really interested to a particular player.

The list is updated every day, I have other young players to put on sale but at the moment the system will not let me sell more players, so please check often the following list for news:

Name   Age   Role   Rating   Notes
Ruy Vicario   18   DC   1/7/4   SOLD
Archimede Loescher   18   DC   5/6/4   SOLD
Gabriele Notaio   16   DC   2/7/3   SOLD
Maurizio Poletti   16   DC   3/6/2   SOLD
Alvaro Pieri   19   DMR   4/6/4   SOLD
Simone Martini   19   DM CL   4/6/4   SOLD.
Tucker Dennell   19   DML   4/6/2   SOLD
Tristão Machado   18   MC   3/6/3   SOLD
Teodoro Nave   17   FC   3/7/3   Quite good to be CA3
Bertoldo Marino   16   FC   2/7/2   SOLD
Joosep Kraaps   21   AMC   5/6/4   SOLD
Simone Dessena   17   DMC   6/7/4   SOLD
Kwanchai Papanai   20   GK   5/6/4   Predicted CA7 next season!
Bassam Syahir   20   DMR   5/6/4   Very very good for UZM & UPM
Qamar Shamoon   19   FC   5/6/4   SOLD
Grier Chandler   29   DMR   6/6/1   SOLD
Roberto Ramirez   17   DR   2/6/4   SOLD
Yaromir Fyodorov   17   FC   1/5/4   Very cheap!
Celso Aloisi   21   FC   6/6/5   SOLD

I think the biggest change is that "team work" become more important..

I'm not completely sure that "team work" means the skill "teamwork". Admin should explain.

Sorry, could you explain better? Some of us are skilling youngsters, and we have to know clearly how to face this changes before it's too late!

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Questions & Answers
« on: August 13, 2013, 07:39:49 AM »
I sent two players on loan before they became UNH for their contracts...I don't know why players not became UNH in season's update to solve this problem  ???
anyway, how can I renew their contracts??

it's the same every season start. it is not possible at the moment to solve this situation. See here

- Some minor upgrades.

Do you mean bugfixing or new features?

The LA filter should be removed IMHO, scout upgrade should be cheaper, that's all.
And also remove the best LA list!

Maybe transferlist fee would narrow total trasferlisted player. My proposal is 5000 g to push user to fire crappy players instead of transferlisted them.
But probably it should be better a % fee and not a fixed one, just to prevent some player to be put on the market at unreasonable high price and to encourage to put players at 100G. Let's return to bid wars!

I seem to remember some low condition players being restored last season, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know?

For sure condition is not restored between seasons.

only 1 game was arranged. Very strange :(

Silly bug, I thought of something larger.
Maybe it has been fixed... let's hope so!

If admin does not either (a) fix this bug, or (b) take a clear position on its "legality" in GKO by the national cup final on 20 July, I think I will reveal it publicly so everyone who wants to use this can do so.

Time has come...  ???

« on: July 22, 2013, 04:29:00 PM »
Grande Paciugo... ti aspettiamo anche l'anno prossimo, mi raccomando!

Italy / Re: Addio Alla Top ...
« on: July 21, 2013, 07:37:01 AM »
Non credo che ti tratterrai molto in B... e nel frattempo potresti anche toglierti qualche soddisfazione. A presto!

I mean that it is hard for us "users" to change the behaviour of this system. Changes must be made from the top, that are game developers.

Yes, the model you propose is definitely better, but IMO is utopic, and I explained you why.
But changes, in cases like this, must be made from the top, not from the bottom.

Lo Zar . I think this way. When invest 500 k in big country you get i.e. LA 7 cause of total investments. But the top get LA 10 and 11 . So you made pretty good work for someone else ,lol I agree that now in small/ medium countries people got craps. Naturally because of Total investment. So when people change for the big ones to the medium  total investments goes closer and  in more countries will be some LA 9 and LA 10 but maybe 2nd in big get only 7. Naturally investments by each user should drop when will be more races for a Saint Grall then now.

People that aim to draw a LA10 minimum will think so. But for 98% of GKO users a player 7/4 is ok, moreover if he's paid 400k or less. For this reason I think that this system will kill smaller camps and will be difficult to convince people to invest in those camps.

Why we should do this? For own business.

There's no reason to do this. Reports proof that in high populated youth camps you can get a 7/4 for few bucks, while in a low populated country you can get an awesome 3/4 also with a lot of investment. This system seems totally idiot but it is so, and will quickly lead to the death of smaller youth camps. Or maybe not, but only if staff will not implement a cancel button.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: REMOVE MOTS
« on: July 16, 2013, 01:03:09 PM »

Lo Zar, I want to remove token the most . You have to agree that even with tokens morale can rise to okey level, only.
Also I think , we are pushed to live with token users so make them live harder ( pay more money when using MOTS) is good to us.

Token users' wallet is bigger than you imagine! A solution could be to cap players condition after a mots to 90% for 10 days (numbers only for example). This would exclude an increased use of tokens.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: REMOVE MOTS
« on: July 16, 2013, 11:01:32 AM »
1. Morale drop by 3-4 levels or just to very poor.
2. Condition drop  by 20% or i.e. to 75%
3. Implement in game engine settings that in 2 games after MOTS team is weaker as much as was stronger with MOTS.

Points 1 & 2 would only favor the use of tokens!  >:(

So the staff will welcome your suggestion!  :o

Ask Admin / Re: end of season brake
« on: July 11, 2013, 01:58:05 PM »
This section is called "ask Admin", not "Admin answers"!  :P

Apart of jokes, Admin ignores this section of forum from March 13th, what did you expect?

Italy / Re: Youth Camp
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:02:15 AM »
Non mi risulta ci siano notizie fresche.
Secondo la comunicazione iniziale dell'admin, la seconda ondata arriverà tra la 25esima e la 30esima giornata. Il primo giovedì dopo la 25esima è il 4 luglio, quindi quella è, a rigor di logica, la prima data buona. Oppure uno dei giovedì seguenti ma precedenti la 30esima, ossia l'11 ed il 18 luglio.

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