Author Topic: wrongfully accused of cheating, by the cheaters  (Read 800 times)


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wrongfully accused of cheating, by the cheaters
« on: July 13, 2016, 08:49:55 AM »
quite a few years have passed, with me taking a stand against cheating, voicing my opinion against it and sending reports to admin. this, certainly, pissed off the main gang of cheaters from Romania. so, this is what they've done:

- waited for me to transfer list a cheaper player

- took one of their multiaccounts and bought that player

- came out on the chat and spent the entire sunday, calling me a cheater and making up lies about me and my transfer:

* they said the player ( is a "sixer", therefore, it cannot be fairly sold for that price. yes, the player is LA 6, but CA 8, full experience, level 72, in very good morale. if he were to be sold to a real team, not to their multiaccount, he would be a very useful gk. this season, his skills do not decrease, yet. only from the next season on, they will start to decrease, but he is good enough to spend 1 mil on the transfer.
*they said the other transfer i made on the same day, is a cheated transfer, because nobody pays 5 mil for a "niner". that player is a 9/10/1, trained to 947k estimated value, not too far from CA 10.
FC I N V I S I B L E , watch out, you are being called a cheater, on the Romanian chat, by zsoka's friends!
*they said most of my transfers a cheated. zsoka claims that every time i need money, i cheat on transfers. but i have over 24 mil and i never buy players. i spend money to bring extra youths in my academy, paying 300k per player. right now, i have money for 80 players, divided by 3 players per week (in case i would see the reports right away, but i don't), equals almost 27 weeks, assuming my weekly income would barely manage to balance the spending (and it's not the case, the weekly income is greater than the spending, even before champions cup and national cup matches)

another thing, about that gk: a few months ago, i had an offer for him. it started with 850k, i said it's not enough, he raised it to 1 mil, i said 1,3 mil, he agreed, but later, he must have changed his mind and didn't bid. this is the team that made the offer: . therefore, the 1 mil price is justified, in my opinion.

and another thing: as soon as i saw the transfer and the team that bought the gk, i took the appropriate action, according to the rules:
- 5. If a seller is innocent in (1-d), he must notify after the transaction within 48 hours. If we believe that the seller is innocent he will be charge with (2-c) instead of (2-b).
even if i'm not involved in selling an unreasonably priced player, this is clearly a case of cheating, from the buyer, because that team bought the player with the sole intention of making me look as if i'd sell to a team created to buy players from me.

the admin replied, "we are checking", 2 days ago, but i can't just sit around, doing nothing, while the cheaters continue to post accusations on the Romanian chat.

this post is for non-cheaters, to see the real situation and my side of the story.


edit: i just checked my messages and saw that i had another offer for 1 mil, for that gk, but it was from a decent romanian user and i declined it, telling him that if i were to sell to a romanian user, we would both be accused of cheating, by zsoka's gang
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Re: wrongfully accused of cheating, by the cheaters
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2016, 02:55:06 PM »
I said when it happened to me,  that other could be next one. Nobody listened, and I was punished with 10M for a cheat I didn't.

I hope you can solve it Mihut.

Best wishes.
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