Author Topic: Can we have some information on new game engine PLEASE  (Read 1105 times)

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Can we have some information on new game engine PLEASE
« on: January 03, 2014, 05:14:25 AM »
Dear admin, first of all, i would like to say that despite my first experiences with this engine (when it was clearly bugged) at first sight i like the new engine, even if it drops managerial level down (people won't need to understand much about tactics to get results) it provides many posibilities to lower teams and also gives a necesary value to the MR/MC/ML players, that was something needed in previous engine, so i would say that the change will be welcome when we get used to it. However league matches starts in 24 hours and there's still no official info about the new engine, so please, if you won't release proper docs before league start, could you please give us some answers?

Premium users are gathering some info based on the tools you provide us, we are trying to share our discoveries with others, but that shouldn't be our job,  if your staff is so busy that can't write a few lines in forum explaining how things works, at least reply some questions we have, because there are many things uncertain, even for premium users, so please, at least give us some answers:

1 - First of all, team tactics are not calculated using average positions anymore, the system is now based on cumulative numbers, am i right?

2 - How much does each position affect team tactics? Premium users made some calculations, and we believe things are like this, more or less:

Based on some calculations, we believe that areas highlighted in green provides 100%, those yellow provides 80% and red zones gives 50% to the total team tactic, are those calculations right?

3 - If those calculations are right? Is the AMR/AMC/AML waekened on purpose? I mean, the DMR/DMC/DML line is its opposite but used in defensive duties, as you can see they are fully involved in both "U" closing down tactics, but the "AM" line is partially involved in the "O"s. If that balanced has been created on purpose, why does the FR/FL have full UPM/USM strenght? That literally kills the AMR/AML positions (all AMR/AML players would play better as FR/FL, despite that is not their "original" position), and makes AMCs one of the most useless positions in the game.

4 - Have you done some other rebalance in the engine? Some matches seems to prove that MR/MC/ML performs A LOT better now, they have even higher scoring rates than strikers sometimes, is that only our intuition or something actually changed? What about the "AM" line? They are not performing as well as before...

5 - What can you tell us about teamwork? You announced that teamwork would have an effect in team tactics (around 10%-15% as far as i remember), but people haven't noticed much, i have the feeling that those players with TW lower than 10 dropped their tactical abilities a little bit, and those with TW higher than 10 increased them a little bit. i am not absolutely sure about it because players morale were reset so we can't do a direct comparison, so could you please clarify it?

6 - Does team tactics affect our tactical rates? I mean, if i play a more offensive formation do i get some bonus in OZM/OMM levels (losing UZM/UMM rates), does defensive line affect tactical performances? What about player stances (Blue/Yellow/Red)? Do they make some difference?

7 - What about tacking? Does it have the same bonus/penalties than before? If things are exactly the same, could you consider reducing long injury rates? I understand that selling token to heal players is an income source for the GKO staff, but collecting credits from mini game will be far harder from now on. So please, if you have some intention to keep things balanced between users, consider that request, it's very important for smaller teams (who can't afford physio improvements) and teams playing against teams that spends lots of money buying ball posession through token (playing hard tackling 24/7), please do not damage the playing experience to others!
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