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Suggestions/Bugs / What's wrong with this game
« on: December 19, 2010, 09:35:27 PM »
I got experience in different manager games such as Hattrick (800.000 users now), GoalUnited (1.200.000), BuzzerBeater (unknown, but 5.500 only in Italy), so i think i could say i'm an experienced manager and i can give a first valutation of this game.

1) Starting team MUST be of similar strenght, that's what happens in all games. I complain for my starting team without players over 100k value and only 3 over 90k, but even if i had a stronger one this shouldn't happen. Somebody had a couple of players over 200k and several over 100k. If 2 teams created right now have a match and the result is 5-0 there's something wrong. Everybody must start at same level.

2) Training every day is simply stupid. ALL managerial have weekly training in order to allow people not to stay connected to the game every day. What if i have to go on vacation and i can't setup the training? When there's a match the training is more efficient, and i could eventually think to change it. If i'm at home, obviously...

3) Same problem for the starting 11, it's not possible to setup other than next match, so you can't stay without logging for more than 3 days or you cannot change formation.

4) Energy ---> Transfer Market ---> Scout report to see others offers ---> Everything wrong. Should see highest offer at the moment, all the rest doesn't matter (like how many offers, medium offer)

5) I reported some multiaccounters first time about a month ago. Nothing happened, the cheaters are still alive with all their teams.

6) Tactics are almost unuseful. Who has better players wins and better players are the more valuable. That's all, i think the match engine is very poor. This is understandable also from the Live-Action thing. Few kinds of actions, all similar. You change tactic? Same actions.

7) Game speed decreased drammatically since i started playing. What's wrong with your servers?

So Admin, i have no dubt you are a kind and goodwilling guy, but sometimes it looks like developers of this game haven't seen another one before creating Gokickoff. Looks more like an arcade game than a managerial.
If you want this game to gain users from others, then try to create something better or at least competitive.

Italy / Campionato
« on: November 20, 2010, 11:28:03 AM »
Cari compagni e avversari di gioco, siamo tutti agli inizi della nostra avventura qui su GoKickOff e tutti stiamo probabilmente aspettando di vedere come il gioco si evolverà prima di appassionarci totalmente.
Dalle mie esperienze precedenti su altri giochi online posso dire che se si crea un certo clima di amicizia all'interno del forum (sempre ovviamente con la giusta competizione, che è il sale) aumenta la partecipazione e la passione per il gioco stesso.

Io avrei intenzione di aprire delle sezioni del forum relative ai vari argomenti, se per voi sta bene, in modo da avere discussioni "mirate" sui vari aspetti del gioco.
Questa che ho appena aperto potremmo dedicarla al commento dei nostri rispettivi campionati, che al momento sono tutt'altro che definiti per la presenza massiccia di squadre già defunte prima ancora di cominciare ma penso e spero che in futuro saranno equilibrati e combattuti, è solo questione di tempo.

Non è che si possa chiedere alle persone di frequentare il forum per forza se non ne hanno voglia, ma se ci diamo una mano la comunità italiana può diventare una delle più importanti anche qui come avviene in tutti gli altri manageriali di calcio e nei giochi online in generale, dipende solo da noi.  ;D

Suggestions/Bugs / Market
« on: November 18, 2010, 06:14:30 PM »
In my opinion, so many Free Players is not good for the market.
It is profitable, i already bought some of they, but i wonder which effect it could bring on the market in future...

ARCHIVE / Substitutes
« on: November 15, 2010, 10:46:02 AM »
In my opinion, it should be fixed the choice of substitutes that will replace injured players on the Tactics screen.
This is really needed because all similar games give you this chance, what will happen if a player get injured during the match?
Is his substitute chosen randomly?

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