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Ask Admin / Server Down
« on: September 14, 2017, 02:37:42 PM »
 >:( Anyone else having problems with the server being down. Any suggestions.

Ask Admin / Can't connect to database
« on: December 21, 2016, 11:39:29 PM »
Currently I have been told that GKO is up but I can't connect to the site. Please advise why I am unable to connect so that I can fix this problem.

General Discussion(English Only) / Liberty For All National Teams
« on: July 29, 2016, 03:09:18 PM »
 >:( It's that time again where all small countries cringe as their national teams show piss poor performances due to a lack of guidance and direction. Please Please Please admin., the people of Bermuda cry for your help here. Please allow us to vote for a national team coach so that we can at least enjoy watching the success of our national team.

Many leagues still suffer from the financial burden placed upon those leagues due to unfair practices in regards to league rewards. Further more, we are allow crippled as we watch the national team select and play untalented players over other more talented prospects, most of whom go untrained and wasted due to poor management.

Please consider allowing us to vote for national team coaches so that we can participate as a league in the world cup events.

Player Transfer Ads / Hibury Player Sale
« on: September 28, 2014, 10:32:42 PM »
 ;) Good deals on players.

Luka Pokrivač (5350494) MCL 6/6/1 VAL 535,600 AGE 24 PRICE 635K

Arlie Haden (7364246) ML/AML 3/7/2 VAL 273,333 AGE 19 PRICE 273K

Tod Tate (7332733) DL 4/7/2 VAL 306,000 AGE 18 PRICE 500K

Dylan Daugherty (6652168) AMR 4/7/2 VAL 386,666 AGE 22 PRICE 90K

Lat Mocci (7389362) MR/AMR 4/7/2 VAL 390,532 AGE 19 U21 PRICE 500K

Srđan Milenić (7402076) MC/AMC 3/8/2 VAL 220,000 AGE 20 PRICE 100K

Anika Gowon (7334395) DC 4/7/2 VAL 306,666 AGE 18 U21 PRICE 500K

Kunlapan Tarntup (5743643) FC 6/6/1 VAL 521,865 AGE 21 PRICE 700K

Kenan Ekianga (7335390) DC 3/7/2 VAL 260,000 AGE 17 U21 PRICE 260K

Ken-Dedes Subagja (7031475) FC 4/8/2 VAL 306,666 AGE 21 PRICE 306K

Mile Milić (7026812) DMC 5/7/2 VAL 426,666 AGE 20 PRICE 526K

Hiss้ne Makoni (7867251) DC 2/8/2 VAL 190,000 AGE 18 PRICE 300K 1 SOLD

General Discussion(English Only) / League Research
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:10:13 AM »
 ;) Hi. I'm curious. Does someone have a breakdown of which countries are getting penalties to league rewards?  :-\ Also curious about any information there is about which countries actually have National Team coaching. If anyone could help me with that information or the research, I would appreciate it.

 ;) Personally, I don't care anymore about peoples complaints about the Nat. Team or coaching. Nobody cares what happens to the Bermuda team so I laugh and cheer when I see everyone else complaining about such things. Ha ha ha! You are still the lucky ones. We don't get a say about our national team and the bot takes LA5 players over the best in Bermuda. Suck it up folks. I know you'll like to do nothing but complain but there are others with far more to complain about that gets brushed aside as unimportant that I am almost happy to see others getting this unfair treatment. As far as I am concerned these days, I could care less. I care as much as Admin does basically. We aren't treated fairly in Bermuda and nobody cares.... Why should we care that others who have it better are complaining. Maybe I am just venting, but seriously, I have a small violin for all the cry babies who complain about minor concerns when there is so much more unfairness that everyone seems to accept and appreciate at the Bermuda league (and other small countries) expense.

I can't wait to hear the next episode of "Lets complain about GKO." It always warms my heart to know that I am not the only one getting screwed by the GKO world and unfair practice that you all say is the only way. I don't believe it and I also hope more unfair things come your way cause unfair is a part of life in my league. It should be a part of life for everyone. Yes... I am bitter and I hope you all get everything you all deserve... which is nothing.
Fairness is as fairness does... Face it... you are all hypocrites. You only care about what benefits you and your own teams.

When it comes to real fairness, I have seen and heard few who truly are concerned about bringing parity to this game.

Rules/ Guidelines / How To / How does one become a moderator.
« on: September 24, 2013, 06:07:59 PM »
 :D One day someone might ask me to be a moderator... and on that day I will say yes. Just a post inquiring as to how one becomes a moderator in GKO forums?

Suggestions/Bugs / Friendly Cup Match vanishes.
« on: September 17, 2013, 12:05:26 PM »
 ::) Not sure what happened today. I was scheduled to have a friendly cup match but the match has just vanished. It remains on my schedule but it has already gone past the start time as well as I haven't received any money for the cup proceeds. Does anyone know what is going on here?

Suggestions/Bugs / Player Statistics information for WCC.
« on: September 12, 2013, 04:51:30 PM »
 :-\ I was looking at the WCC league information and was disappointed that there was no player statistics information. In the league information, there is a place where you can see the top scorers, the assist leaders and the players with the most MOM's. This doesn't seem to be a feature of the WCC. I would like to suggest that this be something that might be added. I appreciate tracking the progress of my players against their peers in the Top League in Bermuda. This is often helpful in making player selections or spotting talented players long before they have the skill levels I feel are needed. It would be nice if managers could also track the progress of their players against other WCC league players. It would be nice to think that even if you don't win the competition, that you might have a player that shines individually.
 :D I have one such superstar in my team. He is an assist genius and continues to collect assists in the league and WCC competition.  It would be nice to see him sitting up there with the top assist specialists of the world and gain fame especially since he isn't considered for his national team.

General Discussion(English Only) / GKO Appreciation
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:45:54 PM »
 ;) One thing that I really appreciate about GKO is the honesty and integrity of many managers that operate here.  Hibury has been in the market looking at young players for a few weeks.  At the club, we like to contact the owners of perspective signings asking for information about the players.  It is nice when managers give correct information about their players and operate with integrity. 

I have heard stories about managers being mislead into spending more for a player than the would have considered because of misleading information from other managers or from false advertising in the press. That is most unfortunate when that happens but I have a different story to report today.

 8) Keep up the good work all those managers who are dealing above the table.  I salute the managers of clubs like The Blue FC, A Mani Basse, FK Barcellona, Valemcia, and The Mean Machine for their solid dealings.  These are just a few of the managers who have recently been in talks with our club over players but there are many more great managers who view honesty in club dealings as a value to be cherished.  I salute the managers who are doing things the right way.  Keep up the good work, climb fast and always play right.

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