Author Topic: Q & A for club rating  (Read 1388 times)


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Q & A for club rating
« on: December 30, 2012, 05:09:31 AM »
- Does my club rating has its limit ?

Yes, the maximum value for club rating is 10,000.  However, club rating for a division has its limit.
Suppose your club rating is higher than the limited club rating for your division.
In the case that you win, your club rating increases slowly but in the case the you lost you club decrease steeply.
Therefore, you'd try to get promoted to a higher division to earn higher rating.

-What does museum help ?

Museum helps your club rating to increase faster. But it will not help you much if your club rating reaches the limited club rating
of your division. It is advisable for newbie to upgrade club museum in order to help you get to the limited club rating
of your division faster.