Author Topic: SET YOUR PRICE for GK,DC,DMC,FC  (Read 838 times)


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« on: September 13, 2016, 12:39:55 PM »
good experiance players lvl 63 to 66, any price is better than no offer

GK lvl 63 , great avg.rating in Serbia Top lvl, one of the best Top leagues in GKO, can be usefull for 2 or 3 seasons more for very low price, who needs quality GK, and don't have money he is solution

DC, lvl 65, very good player balance goes to 15 and experiance to 6 stars untill next season, so lvl in next season will be about 67, very good UZM B+ and OSP B, and OMR.. can play for 3 or 4 seasons on high level in all leagues in GKO.. every price is good price

DMC, lvl 64 , AMC eliminator, solid for attack, who needs defensive strength in midfield  for 2 or 3 season CA 8 player for very low money

FC, lvl 66
,best offer on the market under 26 years and under 2 milions, for very low money, but still set your price on lower if you want.. great heading, acceleration goes on 14 untill end of seasons, so solid for drill also, look at his stats in previous seasons, whole mine team is to week for Serbian Top lvl, so he can't get his stats in this season.
send me your price on private message , tnx ahead
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