Author Topic: Why it is important that users can discuss ban issues under some circumstances  (Read 1608 times)

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About 6 weeks ago, a USA manager contacted me to say he was banned and to ask if I might know why it happened. So I told him it might have happened because his ip address was not in the USA since he was not a premium user, instructed him to contact admin via email, and asked him to keep me informed on the situation. Of course, he gave me a story about how he works in the USA for extended periods every year. Also, the banned team was very young, and never completed even one full season in the USA.

Apparently, admin has not responded to him in all this time, despite "10 emails"

Then a few days ago I happened to come across an interesting post in a thread about GKO in another forum made by someone with the exact same forum username:

My first thought was ??? he was in the WCL?? For me it is apparent this guy was cheating, and yet still goes on some other forum(s?) to slander the game. So I made my own post to give my own (favorable) impression of the game.

Well, he noticed, and now the ban is being discussed, albeit on another forum...  ::)
I'm not sure how this is helpful.

Perhaps we need a separate subforum for people to discuss their "why am I banned" questions. Topics can be removed once the issue is resolved, and policed for inappropriate content.
Alternatively, just prohibit this kind of discussion on bans made within 30 days. That way banned managers who haven't gotten a response from admin after a month can air their grievances in the GKO forum rather than somewhere else...

What do you think?
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I am playing some other browser games and discuss about bans is forbidden at all of them . But the most important thing is that trhere is always feedback from staff! As always contact with Admin, GM or DEV is the worst side this game :(
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Brian Clough often has good idea!  ;)


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I think we have different standards on what should and should not be regarded as wrong and right. We may have rules but there are some situations where we can't really avoid things from happening.