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« on: November 23, 2012, 02:36:02 PM »
!! ATTENTION !! I'm new global moderator and I'll try (with my colleagues) in next coming weeks to put in order this forum, because we have a lot of unnecessary topics, posts... Every new opened topic which is repeated will be deleted immediately, because there are many similar themes. You must report Suggestions and Bugs into subforum Suggestions/Bugs. Be awared !!! Let's make this place better, clearer and easier to use for all of us.

1) Do not open new topics!!! If you have short questions just put it in present topic named (Put your questions here !!!)  and you'll get your answer.

2) If you were insulted or if you see spam messages,just click Report to moderator and we will look it.

3) If we plan to enrich our discussion we should not have to write short posts as "OK", +1, smiley, etc. Wrote your opinion.

4) Please note that these signature rules apply whether your signature images are uploaded to Gokickoff Forums or linked from another web server. Non-compliance will result in your signature being removed and a warning issued against your account.
Your entire signature should fit inside a 500 x 150 (width x height) pixel area. This means no long lines of text. This space is equivalent to 8 lines of size 2 text.
If you decide to use image(s) in your signature:
Ensure the entire size of all your images and text do not exceed 500 x 150.
All image(s) must not exceed 60KB in total file size.
We do not allow linking or advertisements in signature images. We will allow a small text link to your website (font or smaller).
Avatars can be selected from our avatar gallery or you may use your own. Any custom avatars may not exceed 96 x 96 or 60KB in file size.
Your signature and avatar must not contain any offensive or objectionable material. (This include signatures that express political opinions.)
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