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Off-topic rules
« on: July 14, 2011, 01:45:19 PM »
I as a moderator here should make rules here..
As we all know , this topic is for disscusing..

1. Every topic that will not create a discsusion will be locked.
2. Any topic containing advertising, bigotry, excessive foul language, or personal attacks will be deleted .
3. Every post that contain a SPAM will be deleted. (see 3 below)
4. Every post that contain with question about the game will be locked, moved or deleted.
5. Topics or posts made in languages other than English will be deleted or edited to include an English translation at the discretion of the Moderator(s).


1. You should make an topic that you think that will be a HOT TOPIC. If we make a topic that will not create a disscusing for 7 days or more , that topic should be locked or deleted .

2. We can't let everyone to post what he love to post. The posts shouldn't content with a bad thinks or erotic things .

3. Every post that it like this : ahuahuagafdaab , ..... is consider like a SPAM and we should delete it .

4. This is disscusing forum , you shouldn't make questions here , we have other topics.

This topic is closed , noone can post here , just moderators
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