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suggestion - position proficiency affects mental attributes only
« on: November 19, 2013, 05:49:35 AM »
Currently,  a players' proficiency in a given position has a significant effect on player performance in matches.  When a player is played out of his "natural" position each and every one of his skills are reduced. This is absurd imho. A player's physical and technical abilities are not affected when he is positioned unnaturally. It does affect his mental abilities, however. Defensively, players out of position will make mistakes finding the right position, make unusually poor decisions, and find it more challenging to function as a team. Offensively, players out of position will have difficulty with both roaming and stick to position tactics, making poor runs off the ball and creative backfires. Thus I would suggest that

Position proficiency should only affect mental attributes (which in turn do affect some skills/tactics), not final tactics/skill level calculations.

For example:
Zone marking (UZM) uses the average of acceleration, positioning, and tackling. Positioning is a mental attribute. In this example, a player has a 12 in each attribute:

Position Proficiency    modifier       Acceleration     Positioning     Tackling         Avg                 Current result*             
Natural                         0                      12                  12                12            12.0                       12.0
Accomplished                2%                   12                  11.8             12            11.9                       11.8
Unconvincing                5%                   12                  11.4             12            11.8                       11.4
Awkward                       8%                  12                  11.0              12            11.6                       11.0
No position                   10%                 12                  10.6              12            11.2                       10.6

*The current result is how this is calculated now using skill stats adjusted by the modifiers that were given by admin here. You'll notice these skill scores are higher than current results...and they should be imho. If the player has the skills, anyway. Playing your FC (with ~fives in these attributes) as a defender will still be disastrous.

In addition, other mental skills would be affected, including aggression and determination (we don't really know how they affect the game) and teamwork (it will have a much bigger affect starting next season) which would affect overall player performance almost as much as position proficiency does now!  With the introduction of new effects of teamwork on player performance in season 10, I sincerely hope the developers will consider including this change in the match engine.

In the list below, remember that tactics/skills not affected by mental skills would not be directly affected for players playing out of their natural position with my proposed system:

Tactics affected by mental attributes
(opponent) Zone marking
(opponent) Stand off more
(opponent) More Roaming
(opponent) Stick to position

Tactics not affected by mental attributes
(opponent) Man marking
(opponent) Press more

Player skills affected by mental attributes
(opponent) pass ball on floor
(opponent) pass high ball
(opponent) drill cross
(opponent) float cross
(opponent) finding an opportunity to score
(opponent) challenging the defenders at heading
(opponent) beat to drill cross
(opponent) offside

Player skills not affected by mental attributes
(opponent) dribbling
shot with ball
heading on goal
shot (drill cross)
long shot
one on one shot
free kick
penalty kick

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