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Hello Mr. Admin.

I've got an enquiry about possible mistake in Opponent pass high/floor ball. According to Game Manual attributes affecting that are Decisions, Positioning, Tackling, Marking. Is that correct? Is there anything else that affect player's opponent pass abilities? We know that player's height does matter in aerial duels. How about player's weight? Is that take place in opponent passing, dribbling, interceptions, etc.? I have had a player with quite good abilities in Dec, Pos, Tck, Mrk and full experience but his opf/h level was not very good. If I compare my current players I can see their levels does not correspond with required skills stated in game manual. For Example:

-Player A: Marking 18, Tackling 20, Decisions 18, Positioning 20 or 76/80 skill points (95%), experience - 6, morale - Good, weight - 67 kg and opf/h level - just 66!

-Player B:  Marking 18, Tackling 17, Decisions 13, Positioning 14 or 62/80 skill points (77.5%), experience - 10, morale - Very Good, weight - 72 kg and opf/h level  - 66.

Player C:  Marking 20, Tackling 20, Decisions 13, Positioning 18 or 71/80 skill points (88%), experience - 5, morale - Very Good, weight - 62 kg and opf/h level  - 60.

Player D:  Marking 17, Tackling 16, Decisions 13, Positioning 16 or 62/80 skill points (77.5%), experience - 7, morale - Good, weight - 71 kg and opf/h level  - 66. Skill points same as player B, but 3* experience less; 14 skill points less than player A and 1* experience more (near 2). All 3 players got same level on opf/h! Hmmm...

Player E:  Marking 8, Tackling 16, Decisions 13, Positioning 16 or 53/80 skill points (66%), experience - 9, morale - Superb, weight - 88 kg and opf/h level  - 69! Compared with player B he got 9 skill points (11.5%) and 1* experience less but +3 levels for opf/h! Why? Because is 16 kg heavier  ??? :-\

General Discussion(English Only) / Let everybody say "FUCK OFF, ADMIN!!!"
« on: November 23, 2016, 06:42:52 AM »
Dear Mr Admin/GM,

I just wanna tell you "FUCK OFF, YOU ARE STUPID WANKER!". Your server was in coma for about 30 hours. After 1 day you respond to users messages with simple "i will check". Please go to doctor and check your brain that is sick!

I hope you will die before your FUCKIN game and your FUCKIN server. Please, sell this game to an interested GKO user or give it for free just to get rid of and then suicide yourself immediately!

I hope everybody will stop buying premium and tokens because this game is dying, but unfortunately there is low possibility for that.

I summon all GKO users to start a war against this stupid negligent idiot, flush his facebook with messagess, don't give this asshole your money anymore, because the game is dying and they will be lost.

Yours faithfully,
Manager of GKO

Suggestions/Bugs / Bug in player statistics
« on: March 10, 2016, 06:33:43 PM »
I noticed that after season update are not counting played matches, scored goals, yellow/red cards, etc. for some players with UNH status for current season. All statistics are on "0" even if players play matches, score goals, etc. Check players with UNH status. This player is just for example: On first page of his profile "General" current statistics for this season are all ''0''. On second page of his profile ''History'' I can see double counting for last season statistics, but nothing for current season. If you check his club's latest matches for this season you'll see that he has played all of them. That's strange :-\

Suggestions/Bugs / Can't enter the game via computer?!
« on: December 12, 2015, 06:14:18 PM »
Since 17:30 UTC I can't enter the game via my laptop with any browser, only via my smartphone. Is there anybody with same problem or the error is on my computer :-\

Player Transfer Ads / AMC, FC needed
« on: October 26, 2015, 08:01:52 PM »
Looking for a player on specific position AM C, F C both natural or Natural for AMC/Accomplished for FC (dark green). Could be even unconvincing for FC (yellow) if he has really good shooting abilities (Fin+Lon=26+). 6.5+/8+/2+ (depending of his age). If he is fully developed must be at least CA 7.6+ (680k+) value with well trained passing and shooting abilities. Good levels for Dribbling and Finding an opportunities for score are also welcomed. Max 25 years old. Budget 900k-1m. Send me PM if you have someone for sell or just put it on transfer market, I'm gonna find him out :)

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