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General Discussion(English Only) / Mental Attributes?
« on: September 24, 2015, 05:52:37 PM »
4. Developers have given no information about these mental skills, but my opinion is that determination has a significant effect on player performance. My theory is that defensive players (DM and D lines) with high determination will be more likely to be involved in attacking play than a low determination player, while it has the opposite effect on attacking players (high determination = more involvement in defending). Aggression seems to mainly affect bookings (yellow/red cards) and possibly injuries (for both the player and opponents) depending on tackling settings (easy tackling rarely results in injuries). However, this is only a theory! Finally, influence does not seem to affect player performance, it is mainly used to select your team captain.

I have some number of players with high mental skills but I dont see some clear difference in games between them and players without godd mental skills.I think that mental skills can be not important at all... Is anybody know for sure about  benefits of high mental skills ? Im afraid mental skills are useless and thats why dont cost potential of a player.

Netherlands / WCL Ranking
« on: August 22, 2015, 07:54:06 PM »
At the beginning of current season nr:13 Netherland was at...42nd place with 78 points in WCL ranking.That position means just one club in WCL qualification !!! After good games from FC DareDevils we are now on 37th position with 96 points and probably we can keep two teams in qualification but this situation now is in dangerous...We may make points for:
Qually round: win = 3 points, draw = 2 points, defeat = 1 point
Group round: win = 10 points, draw = 4 points, defeat = 1 point
Knockout     : win = 14 points, draw = 8 points, defeat = 1 point
* Ranking contains just last 5 seasons

As You may imagine it is much more easy to keep some position than moved forward (especially if one or two teams can play group round without qualification - we can only dream about that). Once we lose one place in WCL it will be really very hard to get it back.The only way to go through qualification round is MOTS.I say be ready to use your MOTS against team which will use his MOTS or against better team than your  ;)
In last few seasons only FC DareDaveils did spend some MOTS's in WCL...and this season my club not only won some points for WCL ranking but also grab about 1.650.000 G's in total income.Remember that You may have only one chance for a few seasons.

Season 13 points to ranking:

FC Dare Devils  19 points
VV Rhoon           6 points

Netherlands / Best of the Best
« on: January 28, 2015, 03:30:35 PM »

Netherlands / Nationale Team Selectie seizoen 13-14
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:16:44 AM »
Bedankt voor het stemmen.

Plannen voor dit seizoen:
1.Onmiddellijke roeping van talentvolle junioren naar training.
2.Selectie van de beste spelers en tactiek voor kwalificatie seizoen 14
3.Maak een opleidingsplan voor toekomst (instructies en tips

Netherlands / Opleiden van toekomstige sterren in de nationale teams
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:16:02 AM »
Topic for discussion,explanations,questions etc. cooperation between National first team Manager and U21national manager.

Netherlands / Nationaal Team Se11-12
« on: May 05, 2014, 05:28:51 PM »
Hello All
National Team manager Gobinho did ask me for a favor to present best Dutch players including hot prospect youth boys to select best team and plan strategy for next two years.I decide also to present similar list for U21 players and suggest some steps...Our U21 team has big chance to qualify for World Cup this season.We have many really good U21 players which can be part of main team already now.However this generation should show their best in U21 this year and next year step as even better players to First National Team.Here we go...

Main Team
    1.Theofilus Dreessen           21y. 188cm               610,200  6/4  FC MARCINKONYS
    2.Richard Lucas                   22y. 190cm               620,600  7/2  The_Mad_Joker
    3.Rafaël Aarden                  22y. 188cm                588,000  6/2  Monte di Malo
Future Star
    1.Theodorus Haenraets     19y. 186cm                388,666  8/5  VV Rhoon *
    1.Olaf Van der Hout      23y. DR                           904,000  8/2  FC Hangover
    2.Frederik Kranz              24y. DMR                 770,400  7/1  FK.PROVO
    3.Marinus Alberts           21y. DMRC                    689,332       DT.Chelsea
Future star
    We need PA10+
     1.Daniël Van Wegberg      24y. DL          850,000       -The Castle-
     2.Jesse Romijnders             18y. DCL           739,999  8/5   Old World Galaxy    *
     3.Sjaak Kuiper                     21y. DL          734,932    
     4.Antonie Sneijers               23y. DL          699,066        Rouyn Noranda    
Future Star
     1.Guus Joncker          17y. DL                   279,999  9/4  Liverpool Utd.
     2.Alfred Agterop          18y. DL/DML              181,666  9/3  Man Blue    

     1.Guus Yonker                  26y. DC    181cm    1,056,000        NoMoney Club
     2.Rafaël Schneider          22y. DC    179cm         776,532  8/2   VV Rhoon
     3.Jesse Romijnders          18y. DCL  178cm         739,999  8/5   Old World Galaxy
     4.Ludo Van Rossum          23y. DC 184cm            717,599          VV Rhoon
     5.Frans Van der Venne    19y. DC 187cm            604,265  8/3   BHAC FC
Future star
     1.Koenraad Antuma          16y. DC 175cm      260,000    12/3  pawai fc *
+    we need PA10+

     1.Lucas Dykstra                  28y. DMC 180cm        1,012,000 7/1 zeab_kaokae
Future Star
     1.Koen Van Buren          19y. DMC 173cm      401,199 9/3 GA.C. Milan.
+    We need PA10+

     1.Luuk Lyon              23y. AMC        982,666 9/1
     2.Gert Braband              24y. MC           919,066 8/1  Duckpool Km
     3.Quinten Hofwegen      22y. MC                 811,199      GDiamond United    
     4.Meindert Arbeider      20y. AMC        747,999 8/4  VV Rhoon
Future star
     1.Kobus Tillens              16y. AMC/MRC     416,932 10/4 los albos del imperio *

         1.Marijn Dreese          23y. MR                 813,200 8/1  BUNGARAYA    
    2.Gustaaf Langbroek      20y. MR             734,400 7/6  VV Rhoon
    3.Hendrik Bakker          25y. AMR             768,400      Nandreebs Football Club
    4.Lucas Van Daele          22y. AMR             713,332      Rosulje Eagles
Future star
     We need PA10+

     1.Arthur Daelman          23y.   ML                997,332 9/1
     2.Tuur Haas                  23y.    AML             850,666 8/1  Skyline
     3.Esmé Van der Hout          21y.    ML/AML          755,332 8/3  VV Rhoon
     4.Sjoerd Akkerman          20y.    ML              700,400 8/5  Sebako
Future star
      We need PA10+

     1.Joeri Venner               21y.   FC    173cm     859,732 10/3   Panda Dangerous CFC
     2.Norbert Admiraal      19y.   FC    189cm     938,666 9/4    TIKI-TAKA BARCELONA
     3.Stef Seeger              21y.   FC    181cm      870,266 8/3    VV Rhoon
     4.Christiaan Reynder      26y.   FC   186cm     813,200 8/1    geni kameni
     5.Roeland De Jonker      17y.   FC    187cm     788,799 8/3    Sampdoria
     6.Alex Schoorel             22y.           FC    183cm     717,599        CSM Unirea Sllobozia
Future star
     We need PA11+

U21 Team
1.Theofilus Dreessen  21y. 188cm     610,200  6/4  FC MARCINKONYS
2.Theo Van Asch         19y. 173cm     546,000       
1.Marinus Alberts         21y. DMRC      689,332       DT.Chelsea
2.Hermanus Apperlo    21y. DMR        617,066       The Toy Dolls
1.Jesse Romijnders       18y. DCL     739,999  8/5   Old World Galaxy    
2.Sjaak Kuiper               21y. DL            734,932
3.Lourens Van Dale    21y. DML/ML    620,600
1.Jesse Romijnders               18y. DCL 178cm   739,999  8/5   Old World Galaxy
2.Frans Van der Venne       19y. DC 187cm      604,265  8/3   BHAC FC
3.Thomas Adriaansen     20y. DC          569,932        Tungoalie FC   
4.Ruud Coumans               20y. DC 189cm    408,000  5/8/4
1.Meindert Arbeider       20y. AMC      747,999 8/4  VV Rhoon
2.Marinus Alberts           21y. DMRC    689,332       DT.Chelsea
3.Raf Adams                  21y. MC      665,600      GAC.ALIANZA
4.Yvo Schoorl                  18y. MCR       650,132      VV Rhoon
1.Gustaaf Langbroek      20y. MR      734,400 7/6  VV Rhoon
2.Yvo Schoorl                 18y. MCR       650,132      VV Rhoon
3.Nick Houtman          21y. AMR     594,999      CRunited
1.Esmé Van der Hout      21y.    ML/AML   755,332 8/3  VV Rhoon
2.Sjoerd Akkerman          20y.    ML       700,400 8/5  Sebako
3.Bert Ramaker          19y.    AML/FC     686,665      SaiMai FC
4.Felix Schoorl                   17y.   AML      680,532      fantastic 11
1.Joeri Venner                   21y.   FC           859,732 10/3   Panda Dangerous CFC
2.Norbert Admiraal          19y.   FC           938,666 9/4    TIKI-TAKA BARCELONA 
3.Stef Seeger                  21y.   FC      870,266 8/3    VV Rhoon
4.Roeland De Jonker      17y.   FC       788,799 8/3    Sampdoria

In my selection I did analyse current value of a player,his potential,experience,age and height for central defenders and forwards.All skills are hidden,so I think Gobinho will decide after this year if he need some extra selection for his tactic etc.Some of players  lose a chance to develop to their best potential ,so they are not on that list.Any questions and suggestion are very welcome.

Good Luck Gobinho and Beachelona !!!

PS.Great season 11 for all teams ;)


Next season many players for sell !!! All youth players with grat open skills !!!

9/9/6 FC mental beast Great Target ManPiet Ananias (8648567) 4.000.000
CA10 FC Baby face killer Stef Van Daele (7628960) 12.000.000
7/10.8/3 18y. FC Future NT player Boyce Readdie (8809150) 12.000.000
6/9.8/5 18y. DC Guido Pace (8986437) 4.000.000
Curren level 71 AML/MR Bridger Wescott (5960266)
5/9/3 18y ML Radostin Bachev (8969588) 1.200.000
5/9.9/4 17y. AML Xavier Sierra (9100892)  5.000.000
5/8.7/4  19y. DC Thomas Rupertsen (8945497) 1.200.000
4/7/3 17y. DMC Vayu Damon (9097162) 100.000
4/7/3 16y. DL Harm Haanrath (9118305) 120.000
4/7/4 16y. AMR    Krissadee Paripatra (9118297) 200.000

Next season I will loan to my team players for MC , AMC , DMC, or DC with level 56 and higher
with good skills.I guarantee games in top level.Send me an offer including adaptation rate of your player on PM.
PS.Only sport tokens etc.

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