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Forum signature rule
« on: December 30, 2012, 05:04:10 AM »
Please note that these signature rules apply whether your signature images are uploaded to Gokickoff Forums or linked from another web server. Non-compliance will result in your signature being removed and a warning issued against your account.
Your entire signature should fit inside a 500 x 150 (width x height) pixel area. This means no long lines of text. This space is equivalent to 8 lines of size 2 text.
If you decide to use image(s) in your signature:
Ensure the entire size of all your images and text do not exceed 500 x 150.
All image(s) must not exceed 60KB in total file size.
We do not allow linking or advertisements in signature images. We will allow a small text link to your website (font or smaller).
Avatars can be selected from our avatar gallery or you may use your own. Any custom avatars may not exceed 96 x 96 or 60KB in file size.
Your signature and avatar must not contain any offensive or objectionable material. (This include signatures that express political opinions.)