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« on: September 25, 2012, 10:42:56 AM »
1. Gokickoff may terminate a user's account at any time if that user violates these rules.
(1-a) User may not register (or attempt to register) for more than one account.
(1-b) Letting other players use or borrow your account is strictly prohibited.
(1-c) Trade players with friends or acquaintances or players within the same LAN is strictly prohibit.
(1-d) Selling or buying unreasonably priced player.
(1-e) Any action that benefits any  other person expressly such as match-fixing.
(1-f) Any act that is considered unlawful, defamatory, obscene, harassing or otherwise objectionable.

2. Punishment for abused users are as follows.
(2-a) Ban - An account is suspended indefinitely if it violates any rules in 1.
(2-b) Fees if you commit illegal selling. Penalty charge will be much more than the selling price.
(2-c) Money deduction for selling an overpriced player to keep the market price in balance.

* (2-c) is not considered as a penalty.

3.   A user has the right to appeal against penalty (2-a). GM may choose a   lower penalty such as (2-b) instead for minor offenses. However, you may   not appeal against penalty (2-a) if you violates the rule for the   second time.

4. A user has no right to appeal against penalty   (2-a) if he commits (1-a), (1-e), or (1-f). A user has no right to   appeal against penalty (2-a) if he commits (1-b), (1-c), or (1-d)   obviously, seriously, or for the second time.

5. If a seller is innocent in (1-d), he must notify [email protected] after the transaction within 48 hours. If we believe that the seller is innocent he will be charge with (2-c) instead of (2-b).

6.   Premium accounts must comply with all of these rules except (1-a) but   every account has to be premium. Further details of premium account can   be read here

7. Please report cheaters to GM or ask any inquiries regarding the rules or punishments via [email protected] only.

8. We reserves the right to suspend your account without prior notice if we find out the you do not comply with our rules.

9. Once our decision is final, you may not you may not appeal against it.

10.  Gokickoff reserves the right to terminate inactive accounts. Account becomes inactive if you do not sign in for 30 days.

11.   Gokickoff reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or   replace any of the terms or conditions of this agreement at any time. It   is user's responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for   changes.