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Re: Admin, i believe all out us think the same......
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I don't mean to ban comments, but don't you think we're losing the original thread subject?


So why repeat season old complaints?

By the way non-premium managers managing outside their own country is blatantly against the rules - as Premium managers pay for it.

You're just not the one to say who is a cheater.....Shut up Mr. blahblah!!

Assuming your club is ßorussia vßz (49068) then you appear to not be in Germany, or be a premium Manager.....

And telling someone to "Shut Up" is very rude, as you would know from your time in Yorkshire.

Definitively you don't know anything, if you should read usually the forum you would know the answer and why I can play in Germany, you are being just ridiculous with your stupid acusations for hide your flagrant cheats with absolutely impunity.