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Cheater From ROMANIA
« on: March 10, 2013, 06:48:10 PM »
Club Name : F.C. Liverpool (135176)   
League : B-3
 this teammake 3 transfers to the same team from Liverpool to Mechel ( club from romanai also - transfers like AMC 26 years, valeu 400 000 g  for  the amazing price 1 milion ,them to the same team sold to players  one for  1,5 milion and the other for 1,6 .Also the players he sold do not have limited abil or progr rate. 
Transfers Betwenn FC Liverpool and AFC Baragan ( Club Name :A.S. Baraganul Ciulnita (180445),League :C-2 from romania ) he sold to thsi team one Goolkepeer value 360 000 gold for 1 milion.
THEN  FC Liverpool  to Honorium . He sold to honoriun  one Defender right ,29 years,value 450 000 gold for 1 milion.
He is the most cheater in romania,he told em that he want to makemoney quickly for the academy so he cheats.Honorium will retiring at the end of the season  so he help  with money  . i Have proofs in this because FC liverpool manager took to a frined of mine on messages on GKO.
i understant that he is premium but come on ,this is not fair ,3 transfers  between he same team all over 1 milion,and another 3 transfers very cheap with   old players value 450 000 and he received 1 milion.

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Re: Cheater From ROMANIA
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2013, 01:16:52 AM »
This sub-forum is only to report managers who lie about their player stats in order to sell or get extra money for them, not those who are breaking GKO rules.

Report cheaters to admin at [email protected]

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