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Suggestions/Bugs / Re: League Match today is gone
« on: July 08, 2015, 02:40:11 PM »
romanian league matches were supposed to be generated about 20 minutes ago. supposed to.

admin, you are such a loser! sell the game, i bet anyone can do a better job than you do.

sorry... that was a mistake. you don't do anything at all. my bad! i guess a dead man can deliver the same customer satisfaction.

not it hasn't been updated. i renewed the contract of 2 players, but i still have a few with 1 year left... and they don't ask for anything, yet.

and i had no idea that longer contracts cannot be renewed. i tried renewing one of my player's contract and he wasn't interested, so i was happy, thinking i got away with it.

carlos, i was only thinking from the perspective of the user that sends the player away. i think he should be responsible enough to take care of this part.

is it just me, or the unhappy status showed up in the first few hours after the season reset, last season? and maybe, the season before, also?

i think admin forgot about it. poor bastard! somebody shoot him an e-mail, he's probably proud of his work...

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: WAIT TO LOAN YOUR PLAYERS
« on: May 31, 2015, 07:13:15 PM »
it should be enough to renew the contract before sending the player away. if he will become unhappy, they accept signing a new deal, now. so, if you renewed the contract today, it should be ok.

C'mon guys just fuck off and let Jockey alone.
He is one of the best guys in GKO Hungary, supporting a lot of teams.
Why bother if he sells-buys players more often from one team than from others.

I've been here for long and also came to my mind if there is something going on but he is such an influential player for the community that we would miss him a lot if he'd been gone!

So do not disturb Jockey with such conspiracy theories unless you have a proof for cheating!!

that's a stupid reason for leaving him alone! just because he's charismatic, it's ok to cheat? yes, zsoka may seem charismatic also. and very convincing. but that doesn't make it ok to cheat.

i have just exposed proof of cheating.

ip's are irrelevant, because, from what i've been told, the are apps that will make it possible for someone to display many different ip's

Oh i see...
There is no problem with me, there is a problem with Zsoka.
Nothink special with him, he is another manager, who sell his player allways expensive.
If i need a player i dont see who sold him and for how many, its no problem for me.
i bought some player from him, cause i like to pay more than make a bidwar in wages.
Thats all.

yes, there is a problem with you!!! a big problem! you are helping him. well, i'm convinced you and zsoka are the same person, with 2 or more teams, but let's assume you're not, for the sake of this conversation.

your argument is void! it's bullshit! why zsoka's team is the only team that you bought 6 players from? why haven't you bought from other teams 6 players? or at least 4. zsoka is your favorite. why? there are plenty expensive players on the market, if you like paying more. do you think anyone believes that you like paying more? anyone likes to make a profit, but no! you like losing money, only to zsoka.

why haven't anyone bought 6 players from you? or any of us? i only have 2 teams that bought 2 players from me. not 3, not 4, 5 or 6 players! (one of those teams bought one player for 20k, and the other player 12k, so this doesn't even matter)

why did you pay more than it should, for players that you trained for a few seasons and made a loss (and i haven't added the wages you payed)? why do you keep buying from him, at high price?

this is called an ''action that benefits any other person expressly.''

you say 'nothing special with him'???
then why did you loaned him your best player, in season 12? that season you have lost the title by 2 points. loaning your best FC to him, might as well be the single reason for losing that title.

I must get this player cause i like ozzy osborne, and David  Beckham, thats why i paid more.

this is exactly the kind of ridiculous arguments zsoka gives, when he advertises his players (that's another reason for me to believe you 2 are the same person): buy this player, because he's 196 cm tall! - in this game, the height or weight do not matter!
or: buy this player, because the adaptation rate is 20! who cares?! he is adapting only once and he is a youngster, he won't play in the first 11.

now you say you must buy that particular player because he has half someone's name, and the other half, someone else's name? if you like ozzy osbourne so much, why don't you even write his name correctly?! a fan would know his name. this is a silly argument that would probably work on teenagers, not on me. let's be serious!

if jockey is so brilliant, explain these: - bought for 1.1 mil, trained for 7-8 months, sold for 0.9 mil (minus taxes, it should go to 0.72 mil) ~0.4 mil loss, after so much training! - bought for 1.25 mil, trained for 8 months, sold for 0.781 mil (minus taxes, it should go to 0.62) ~0.63 mil loss, after 2 seasons of training!

the last two seasons ( 12-13 .. ) prices la7 and also youth la8 plummeted and many who before were sold over one million hours do not work either for the price of the card ... This is a determining factor in the trades in question ( taken in season 9 ) ... what is certain is that there were good business , whatever the id in question between the two players is always different , not accuse before having tests heavier ...

let's look at other transfers, in the same time frame, other than the transfers of his academy players, that were not bought: from 150k to 900k from 558k to 2.270 mil from 150k to 800k (but nanking leverkusen is another story, it belongs to zsoka, too)

and here's another transfer to nanking leverkusen: . on profit, of course... and there is one more, shown above.

how come all the transfers in this time frame were on profit, except the players that came from zsoka?! coincidence? don't think so. those players were bought at an overpriced value. on purpose!

AGAIN: why don't we all have 6 expensive transfers, to the same team? or, how come we don't buy 6 expensive players from the same team?

if jockey is so brilliant, explain these: - bought for 1.1 mil, trained for 7-8 months, sold for 0.9 mil (minus taxes, it should go to 0.72 mil) ~0.4 mil loss, after so much training! - bought for 1.25 mil, trained for 8 months, sold for 0.781 mil (minus taxes, it should go to 0.62) ~0.63 mil loss, after 2 seasons of training! - bought for 0.6 mil, trained 1 year, sold for 0.995 mil (minus taxes, ~0.8 mil) only 200k profit, after 3 seasons of training!


 you are too suspicious.  I know Jockey from Southfork. He is briliant  at developing youth with low PR. And this is mc , future U21 player so prize is high but I can't say it is unreasonable. Sometimes user is out when auction ends so give more to be sure he gets player. When I buy  players I prefer t o pay even some miliona more to avoiod wage war.

how about the other 5 transfers between the same 2 teams? how come i don't have 6 expensive transfers to the same team? do you?
and for a very low CA3, the price is too high. it's like a player from the first round of youth camps, only with PR3, instead of 4. i barely managed to sell developed players of CA7 a little more expensive than this player and he sells a 200k value player for almost the same price, to the same team that bought him many other players?!

in this game, cheating is king. also, buying admin's forgiveness for cheating, with real money, is king... i really wish someone would buy the game and ban all cheaters, without giving them premium and tokens back! we need real game masters!

just like this transfer:
this is a transfer between 2 teams of the same person and that player is a 17 y.o. 3/9/3 that is worth, probably, around 1 mil less that the selling value.

Set Pieces 8
Crossing 7
Dribbling 9
Finishing 7
Heading 6
Long shots 9
Marking 7
Passing 12
Tackling 10
Technique 7

Aggression 3
Creativity 9
Decisions 11
Determination 5
Influence 1
Positioning 9
Off the ball 7
Teamwork 5

Acceleration 5
Agility 8
Balance 10
Jumping 7
Pace 7
Stamina 7
Strength 11

the skills are real, copied when the player was on transfer market, not estimated by a scout.

those 2 teams have made more such transfers in the past. this is how cheaters make money in this game, because admin no longer punishes cheaters...

General Discussion(English Only) / scam, cheat or what is this?!
« on: May 20, 2015, 09:00:53 AM »
muskali : Do you want more G ? Never was so simple .Find out how for only 15 $ you can get 5.000.000 G . If you are interesting , write to me on [email protected]. Payments are accepted only through Bitcoin or Paypal.Thank you !

Need help ? / Re: Making money with facilities
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:56:58 PM »
You have earned 300647 G from your facilities.
all 3 at the best, ~7500 rating.
i think it's worth it

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Polish WCC Biscuit
« on: April 05, 2015, 08:32:15 AM »
what do you expect, when they put 2 or 3 teams from the same country in the same group?! of course they chose the best scenario for their teams and their country. admin should change the draw system, we should have all the teams listed according to the points they earned in the past seasons in WCC and 2 favorites and 2 teams from the same country should never be in the same group. but that means that admin should do some work and we all know what that is: mission impossible.

so we'll just have to live with it.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Training Speed
« on: November 11, 2014, 06:20:48 PM »
for what i think, according to my own exp, there could be decimals in PR. like PR 2.1 or 2.9....
Some of my PR2 grows faster than others, for same âge & training, so it could explain that...

i'm pretty sure there aren't decimals for PR.

you won't receive any answers, because admin is a liar. the gm doesn't do anything.
he only protects cheaters.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Questions & Answers
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:50:18 PM »
is he CA7, LA7? what is his value?

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Questions & Answers
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:36:39 PM »
let me try to use different words: how much teamwork he receive at the last match?

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Questions & Answers
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:30:31 PM »
how much has he gained at the last match?

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Questions & Answers
« on: October 03, 2014, 06:51:42 PM »
Qually: win = 3 points, draw = 2 points, defeat = 1 point
Group: win = 10 points, draw = 4 points, defeat = 1 point
Knockout: win = 14 points, draw = 8 points, defeat = 1 point

i don't play it and don't intend to play it, but like i've said, loaning sucks, so if FM has loans, it probably sucks. good thing i don't play it.

what it that, american football? no, thanx.

drifter had better opportunities, by starting in top level, i just showed that upgrading is done so much faster. he also refuses to take advantage of the opportunities the academy is giving.
 he only wants to play one way, to buy players, train and sell for a profit. the problem is, he's bad at it. look at his players. his highest value players are bought in season 6 and had barely made it to ca7, after so many seasons!

i don't understand your idea about loaning for cup. since Bermuda has only 4 rounds, it's the worst idea to give a player in that league. only 4 weeks. there are plenty of leagues with 10 rounds and then, there is Thailand with even more, so more matches. weren't these players supposed to play only in the cup?
but i don't think it matters, anyway. i don't see it happening.

the number of levels of the nation doesn't say much. there are plenty of over sized leagues.
for example, USA: Total users : 236, leagues down to C level
Turkey: Total users : 106, leagues down to D level
the average rating (not ranking) should be taken into account, unless the game master is going to resize all the leagues to a satisfactory level. even so, the rating reflects better the power of a league and the wage expenses. in case i'm not totally clear, i mean that team level showed in premium team report.

and you still haven't commented on it. since i'm in a waaaaay more competitive league, with much higher wages (even if i have less players), why would it be fair to get the same prize as drifter, that's fighting bots, deserted teams and other easy teams that rarely have ca7's and his cup runs for only 4 rounds?
when he makes it into the champion's cup groups, he has the advantage of an easier league, that brings him higher morale. also, not having a cup that runs for 8-10 rounds, he is able to use the same players every match, he doesn't need to keep many players in his team, he can sell a player and invest the money, instead of keeping it and paying the wage.

yes, loaning is a very bad idea! that's why hattrick doesn't have it.
you avoided my question: what serious online managers have implemented the experience based on ranking?

like i've said, i don't think it's possible. i get your point that it should be based on reality, but in reality you don't have at D level 2/3 of the spectators you have on the top level. or 'the best' stadiums at D level. and also, you don't have the same number of spectators in primera or serie a as in bermuda's top level. or the same sponsorship income. or the same sales from facilities. in real life, you can't make a super-star team in a 5th level league, here you can transfer any player, it won't mind.

so stop trying to judge everything based on reality, this is not real life and it should never try to imitate real life.

yes, carlos, the youth camp players are my target, and this is why i'll upgrade the team. if i were to make it for ca7 and ca7+, i would not need better training grounds and i could easily send ca7-8 players away to get training from other teams in need of such players.

brian, you keep pushing ideas to make strong teams even stronger, like loaning players for cup. that's not fair and here is why: let's say i have a player to loan. what kind of team would i look for? a team strong enough to make it as far as possible into the competition. that makes that team even stronger, compared to any other team that is just average.

and for the experience dependent on ranking, you say it would only be harder for me. ok, show me where that is implemented in hattrick, since it's such a brilliant idea.

oh, another thing: since you keep pushing ideas such as the one about the facilities bringing money according to the number of the matches played at home, and since all ideas are performance related, i say: make the league title prize and the cup winning prize performance related. calculate the average of the ratings for each league and make interval prizes, like so:
max average rating is 650
min average rating is 490 (the 75% condition of the bots should be computed, too!)
max prize is 1 mil
min prize is 300k
leagues from 490 to 510 - 300k
leagues from 511 to 530 - 400k
leagues from 531 to 550 - 500k
leagues from 551 to 570 - 600k
leagues from 571 to 590 - 700k
leagues from 591 to 610 - 800k
leagues from 611 to 630 - 900k
leagues from 631 to 650 - 1 mil

similar computation should be involved in determining the cup money. how does that sound, fairness-wise? since my league is so much stronger than drifter's and i have wages so much higher than his, shouldn't i receive a bigger prize, according to the way you suggest ideas?

i'm against, since it will only widen the gap between our teams.

and about what drifter said: '' Managers never get placed into the league. So its kinda sad especially since we had a full league at one point but no second division was made and the guy had to wait till the start of the new season.''
where are those 16 users that had legit teams that made Bermuda's top level inadequate?
you've seen what kind of ''users'' are on Bermuda's waiting list.

First, there are at least 8 teams with unique IP addresses. There are a couple with duplicates but this is hardly irregular in gko. In my nation there are at least a dozen teams with shared IP addresses. They all claim to be siblings or friends, and as far as I know, they truly are. I really don't care so long as they aren't selling players to each other. Like I say we are in no position to judge.

as i've said, there aren't 22 users, not even 16. drifter once claimed there are or were 16 users that had teams plus at least another one that was on the waiting list forever. that's not the case, obviously. drifter was lying in order to promote his agenda. this is the only reason i'm still writing. if he would have been right, i would have been on his side.

I've long thought that experience gain from matches should depend on the opponent's team rating as well as competition type, rather than only the latter as it is now. You make an excellent case for this.

that would be impossible and would only distance the top teams from the low leagues teams. why is it that lots of your ideas are for creating a bigger gap between those types of teams?
another thing: are there any serious online managers out there having this system in place?

and about loaning, second teams, extra youth for academy, extra cups and all the stuff implemented as premium: i'm against! but as long as others use them, i have to try my best to take advantage of them. i haven't created loaning to a second team, i've just started doing it and it's going to be a while until i'll upgrade that team enough to be able to really create strong players for my first team.
frankly, for a while i believed admin would step in and take a official stance against this trick. i wish i had known he wouldn't do it... i would have created my second team 2 years ago.

dude, it doesn't matter if it's not 'fair' by your standards.
it's within the rules and it's the only legal way to fight, on the long run, the cheaters that admin is protecting.

do i agree with a person having 2 or more teams? no, but these are the rules.
the worst part is that there are many persons having multiple accounts, without having premium on any of them and admin doesn't do anything about it!

and another thing: ''I get really tired of people like TOPLEVEL opening their mouth about the situation in Bermuda.''
YOU asked for my opinion by writing here. if you did not, you would not be writing here, you would be writing to admin. but you don't have the power to fight for your opinion, you only want people to agree with you.

and you don't have arguments to support your opinion, because there are not enough real users to fill up your top level, so there really is no need for an expansion. yet.

bring people to the game, if you are so desperate to expand the league and get more money. but no matter how much money you would get, you would still waste it. you lack managerial skills. learn from the things written here and try to do better!

like i've said, wait till you'll be able to see the ranking and you'll see all the teams. there is an attempt for a triple account that is plain as daylight, a banned account, a ucrainean that's trying to get a team everywhere, some teams with random name and user like this: oucnpqyr and if you'll write down the ip's of all the teams in bermuda, you'll have serious questions about the real number of persons playing.
look beyond appearances.

and about your sarcastic remark: my goal is not round up all the bots, but to train 2 players from my first team. anything else that might come out of it, it's just a bonus. so far it helped me see how easy it is for users like drifter to develop a team. that's only if they want to.

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