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General Discussion(English Only) / scam, cheat or what is this?!
« on: May 20, 2015, 09:00:53 AM »
muskali : Do you want more G ? Never was so simple .Find out how for only 15 $ you can get 5.000.000 G . If you are interesting , write to me on [email protected]. Payments are accepted only through Bitcoin or Paypal.Thank you !

Suggestions/Bugs / condition bug in NT matches
« on: December 27, 2013, 01:33:19 PM »
my NT players that played today have been deducted 5 condition points instead of 2, like the u21 players, please fix this bug and give the condition back!

Ask Admin / Start of Season 10 reset
« on: October 06, 2013, 08:59:50 AM »
i know it´s a long way till this season ends, but i need to ask: when are we going to have the new season reset?

here´s why i ask so soon: i´m still buying youth players in search for a decent one to pull, and you know it takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive the report (i´m not going to pay tokens for reports, it´s enough i payed tokens for extra youths), so i need to know when to stop, i need to know when there are going to be less than 8 weeks till the end of the season.

yes, i can calculate based on last seasons, but i´m still hoping you listened to our prayers to shorten the season break. it´s a waste of time, it pushes our patience and it can be easily done, if you want to.

oh, and if you think i´m a greedy guy about my desire to get a decent youth player, here´s what i´ve got out of a ´the best´ academy:
promoted to first team:
3/9/3 FC 17 y
3/8/3 AMC 17 y
3/6/3 DC/MC 16 y (promoted because it had a 6-7 LA report, i hoped it would be a LA7 and i badly need both DC and MC
3/6/3 MC 16 y (same story as the previous player)

still in the academy:
18   F C   0   3-4   7-8   3-4
18   F C   0   2-3   6-7   3-4
17   GK   0   2-3   4-5   3-5
16   AM L   0   3-4   5-7   3-3
18   GK   0   2-3   5-6   3-4
16   D C   0   3-4   6-7   3-4
18   F C   0   3-3   6-7   3-4
17   D C   4   ?   ?   ?
16   F C   4   ?   ?   ?
18   AM C   3   ?   ?   ?

and i fired 2 more players, i can´t remember their reports. we can all agree this is rubbish for the best academy, but i´m still willing to pay and take my chances, i just need to know if i need to stop considering the last league match as the date of the reset or i can still go for a couple of weeks or more.

thank you!

General Discussion(English Only) / strange choice
« on: September 17, 2013, 06:23:21 PM »
i have a player that i think he should play in his NT, but he doesn´t. yes, it´s a bot NT team, so the problem is not with the person in charge of that NT, because there is none. there must be some glitch in the selection algorithm. or not. i´ll post here details about my player and the one that does play and kindly ask for your opinion: who should play?

player 1:

Best position :    M RC
Age :    26 years old

Height, Weight :    170 cm , 62 kg
Prefered foot :    Right

Morale :    Okay
Experience :    [Low] 3*
Contract length :    3 seasons
Wage :    3,299 G/ week
Estimated value :    451,200 G

player 2:

Best position :    M R
Age :    21 years old

Height, Weight :    186 cm , 81 kg
Prefered foot :    Right

Morale :    Superb
Experience :    [Low] 4*
Contract length :    4 seasons
Wage :    over 10,000 G/ week
Estimated value :    well over 1,000,000 G

Pos    Current Level(MIN-MAX)

MR    65 - 70

Suggestions/Bugs / [suggestion] add training when CA>LA, please!
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:24:13 AM »
under current rules, if a player reaches CA7, he can only get match training; if CA is higher than LA, even in matches he only gets some 0.02-0.03.

i think this is disheartening for us and very unrealistic. there have been numerous occasions when i had a player reaching his LA under 20 years old (an extreme case is when i got a 15 y.o. 3/7/5 player that was completely developed at 16!). how can a footballer stop improving at such an age?

even getting 0.03 a match, there are 30 league matches, a few cup matches and max 20 friendlies a season, that would make him improve some 1,5 skill points a season, if the skills trained are under 15. from 20 years old to 29, when he starts declining, he can get, at best, 15 points. taking into account the fact that there are more than 10 useful skills per position, we get to a 1,5 point per skill improvement (again, at best!) over the course of 10 years!

my suggestion is to allow some daily training, even when CA>LA or CA>7. let´s say a player could get the same amount of daily training as he would get in a match, but only in the days when he plays (the difference would be that we can change training to other skill, if we want, and the penalty we get for individual training in matches would not be applied if the training ground is good or higher). this way a player can improve only if he plays, a realistic approach, the training gain would not be huge, but we woudn´t be so disappointed and would have a reason to check our player´s improvement course more often.

hello, everybody!
the great news about the youth camp is that we can terminate them. as i have tried already, we can build a new one and terminate it immediately. this way we can check what country has the highest investment.

i terminated a camp in a country that gave a LA6 player for the number one investment and i opened one in Brazil, because i think it might be the best choice. many users seem to switch from small countries to big countries and also seem to build and destroy immediately. i have seen numbers going down (slightly) in a country with 190 camps while in Brazil it goes up.

i think it would be nice if we could put some numbers here, so everybody can chose from the top countries. (i guess the small and medium countries will slowly disappear; after all, a 1,6 mil investment in a small country gave me a LA5, while users investing about 1 mil in big countries received LA7)

Brazil - 231,495,000
Argentina - 166,350,000
Spain - 159,690,000
Germany - 136,760,000
England - 108,325,000
Italy - 70,370,000

Ask Admin / end of season brake
« on: June 27, 2013, 05:16:38 PM »
Admin, are you planning any changes regarding the end of season break? are there still going to be 30-something days between the last league match of season 8 and the first league match of season 9?

i´m asking because i´m planning to upgrade my academy and i need to know at what date i need to have it finished. i don´t know if i have enough time to gather the money from regular weekly activities, or i need to start selling players in order to get the money.

i would love to see a shorter break, let´s say half of what we had, but if you decide to change anything, please let us know now, so we can plan gathering the money for upgrades.

last season i think i saw you saying something about being able to play 3 friendlies a week during the break, is that still on the table?

thank you!

Ask Admin / transfer fee vs new academy players
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:22:47 AM »
here's the situation: starting this season, the academy players are different. i have very good academy, but i've got lousy players. like this one: 3/5/7 (when i got him); i have not assigned him to a coach, and even so, he will reach his LA very soon. now here's the problem: i cannot sell him!!! why? because i would receive about 50% of the transfer price, and that is scandalous! and he is not the only player in my team with a similar situation, i have other players that will reach their LA early next season and if i sell them, a huge chunk of the money will be UNFAIRLY taken away.

admin, what's the point in getting players like 3/5/7, 2/5/5, 3/6/5, 2/5/6 and so on,  if i cannot sell them once i've trained them?! I DON'T WANT TO SELL THEM RIGHT AWAY, i fully train them first! (don't reply with ''you can still train them by playing them'', because 0,02 / match = (maximum) 1 skill / SEASON!!! and that applies only if i could play him all the matches)

admin, you have not thought this through! you decreased the level of the academy players AND introduced the transfer fee. these 2 are incompatible with each other.  you can only do one, not both. it's up to you to chose one. OR, if you want to keep them both, you need to change the transfer fee penalty (don't get me wrong, i'm totally FOR the transfer fee, you can even take 100% of the transfer fee in the first season, but keep it only for one season or one and a half seasons).

oh, and don't dismiss me with a silly ''this forum is not for personal issue'' reply! i can guarantee there are plenty of old users with the same issue, users that invested serious in-game money to develop the academy, training ground and bought the best coaches. FOR WHAT!? a CA5 player that i could sell for 4-500.000 and receive 250.000, after paying his salary, the coach's salary, the training ground, fitness center and academy's weekly fee!? c'mon!!!

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