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Player Transfer Ads / Players for sale
« on: December 29, 2019, 04:42:37 PM »
Ilyas Jutt - 31y - MR/AMR - Lvl 72 - CA 8 - 400K 250K 100K 50K
Bryan Van Kann - 31y - MC/AMC - Lvl 71 - CA9 - 500K 250K 100K 50K
Francisco Bravo - 30y - ML/AML - Lvl 65 - CA 8 - 10K 1K 100G
Getachew Naide - 30y - DL - Lvl 75 - CA 10 - 750K 500K 400K 250K 150K 100K
Zygfryd Czopek - 29y - DMC - Lvl 67 - CA 9 - 800K 600K 450K 300K 150K
Leonardo Riquelme - 29y - DC - LVL 70 - CA 10 - 2,63M 2,1M 1,75M 1,5M 1,25M 1M 900K
Azuolas Zemaitis - 29y - MC - Lvl 74 - CA 10 - 3,05M 2,5M 2M 1,75M 1,5M 1,25M 1M
Gerben Van Aalst - 28y - FC - Lvl 63 - CA 9 - 650K 500K 400K 300K 200K 150K
Jozef Uytvanck - 27y - FC - Lvl 71 - CA 10 - 1,75M
Yannick Marie - 26y - DR/DMR - Lvl 70 - CA10 - 4,5M 3,75M 3,25M 2,75M
Nikolaas Jansingh - 19y - DCL - Lvl 62 - CA8 - 1M 850K 700K
Witaya Anongkul - 29y - AMC - Lvl 73 - CA 10 - 2,5M 2M 1,65M 1,4M 1,2M 1M 900K 800K 750K

Siegmund Van Veen - 27y - MR/AMR - Lvl 76 - CA10 - 7,5M 6,5M 6M 5,5M 4,9M 4,75M 4,55M
Duecha Naggenda - 26y - ML/AML - Lvl 74 - CA10/LA11 - 8,5M 7,5M 6,5M 5,9M 5,4M 4,9M 4,75M
Siaka Kuetey - 26y - DC - Lvl 69 - CA9 - 3,5M 2,8M 2,5M 2,25M 2M 1,8M 1.7M 1,6M

Too expensive? Sens PM with your offer.

I'm not really someone who quickly complains, but now I'm just tired of it.
I have my the best academy for quite a few seasons now, I don't know exactly which season I got it, but back then I must have been the 9th or 10th club with the best academy. Since that day, my BEST academy gave me 2 LA10's 3 LA9's, and I'm really happy that I got those players but then it frustrates me that there are clubs with also a the best academy who get 2 LA10's and 3 LA9's EVERY SEASON. Every season again, there are even some Thai or Chinese clubs with only a very good academy, who seem to get better players than I do.

You probably think now: "why is he complaining? He probably gets loads of LA8's, and that also not bad!"... Indeed, an LA8 ain't bad at all, but my academy gave me only 4 LA8's! You start to understand why I'm complaining and I'm frustrated? In at least 6 seasons with the best academy (or maybe 7) I got 2 LA10's, 3 LA9's en 4 LA8's... For those LA8's it is already hard to get into my team, because all those LA7's I've got earlier, when I didn't have the best academy, have much more experience, and because of that, are better.

And I don't want to be arrogant or something, but an LA7 is USELESS for me, an LA7 coming out of my academy today, will NEVER make it to my squad. I've been forced to buy good young players to train for the future, because my youth isn't good enough.

And this season is the worst. Allright, I got my 2nd LA10 EVER! SO YEAY PARTY!... But the 3 other players I already promoted this season... They make me write this, because it is just ridiculous. I got an LA5 en 2 LA6's, OUT OF A THE BEST ACADEMY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? REALLY? A 5? AND A 6? EVEN 2 LA6's? I'VE SPENT A FUCKING 10 MILLION FOR THAT 'BEST' ACADEMY, AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GIVE ME? C'MON GOKICKOFF, you can't be serious anymore!

So this season I can still call up 3 more youth players. In my academy I still have 10players in it, because yes, I'm naive enough to believe I can't ALWAYS get bad youth, so I buy a new one every time I promote or fire one. But well, from those 10 players, there are 4 of whom I can see the scout report yet. They are 7-8, 7-9, 6-8 and 7-8. I shall predict what will probably happen when I promote them. They will be LA 7, 7, 6 and 7. I've learned that from my experiences. But anyway, because of their positions, the only one of them that might be usefull to me is that LA 7-9, but only if he's a 9. Otherwise he's also useless for me.

So for now I claim that I am the club with the worst best academy. If you believe yours is even worse, let me know! :) It'll ease my pain.

Tips and Tricks (English Only) / Effect of trainer on a +CA7 player?
« on: February 17, 2014, 05:21:10 PM »
This has probably been asked before.

But if a player is let's say LA9 and CA8, does it matter if he still has a coach assigned to him?
I know players who are CA7 or more only get training from matches, but do they receive more training in a match if they still have a coach? Or can I just stop assigning a coach to that player?

Player Transfer Ads / Rsc Arsenal SALE
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:58:00 PM »

DM CL     Benjamin Neuman     7/7/3     Age: 21     850K

AMR     Hamadou Simo     7/7/3     Age: 20     1.5M 1.2M

FC     Nico Snyders     3/7/3     Age: 17     500K

FC     Pădureţu Bucur     6/7/3     Age: 21     850K 800K

FC     Steph Van Eenoo     7/7/7     Age: 17     1.6M


DC     Joos Rijnder     7/8/4     Age: 21

DC     Torsten Appelo     6/8/3     Age: 19

General Discussion(English Only) / WC U21.. Stupid GKO
« on: December 08, 2013, 04:04:23 PM »
Seriously Gokickoff?.. Again??

Belgium - Spain in the next round.. Our match in the groupstage is just finished, and we meet again in 2 days in the next round.. How is this possible!?

It can't be that hard to make sure that 2 teams who played against eachother in the groupstage don't meet in the first round after that?

And again, I started this season with the hope to sign maybe 1 or 2 promising free player(s). And again, I get dissappointed..
And why is it that I get dissappointed? Because every single player I placed a bid on, finally finds a club who offers him at least 15k wage, and that is just too much for those players!

A 5/9/4, 20 years old (Hard to get this players maxed but I wanted to give it a try but not at any price), gets 25k wage from his new club, which finances are Okay.
A 7/9/5, 21 years old. Okay, this player already has to get 10k at least, I didn't mind paying him 15k a week myself. But it just frustrates me to see that he gets 17k wage now, from a club, already with INSECURE finances. Those clubs shouldn't be able to place such bids.

Those are now only 2 examples of the players I didn't get, there are 3 others I didn't get either, that got wages of 15k, 19k and 25k..
Still have 4 bids ongoing.. Wonder how much wage they will get, and from what kind of clubs they'll get that!

Suggestions/Bugs / Spelling mistake on the homepage
« on: August 13, 2013, 09:22:02 PM »
On the banner on the top of every page I noticed a spelling mistake. It should be TROPHIES instead of TROEPHIES, I think.

It's not really a bug, but it makes the game look amateuristic towards potentially new players.

Belgium / World Cup Seizoen/Saison 6!
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:52:30 PM »
Belgische managers!

Met trotsheid wil ik jullie allemaal melden dat ik er als manager van onze nationale ploeg in geslaagd ben de WK-finale te bereiken.
Na een moeilijke groepsfase troffen we in de achtste finales Turkije, die we met 2-1 versloegen. In de kwartfinale volgde vervolgens titelverdediger Argentinië, dat opnieuw tot één van de topfavorieten behoorde. Ook hen versloegen we, het werd 1-0. Denkende dat het niet meer mooier kon worden troffen we vandaag in de halve finale één van de andere topfavorieten, en de enige topfavoriet die overbleef, Bulgarije. Zij hebben ons, kleine Belgen, duidelijk onderschat, dus stuurden met hen huiswaarts met een oververdiende 3-1 zege.

De reden waarom ik dit naar elke Belgische manager verstuur is omdat ik het jammer vind dat ik nooit een Belg zien komen supporteren voor zijn nationale ploeg in de comments bij de wedstrijden. We krijgen als absolute revelatie op dit WK veel steun vanuit de hele gokickoff-wereld, en ik hoop dat we in de finale tegen USA ook van onze landgenoten steun gaan krijgen. Dus Belgische managers! Laat jullie horen, en steun jullie nationale ploeg morgen om 14u (15u belgische tijd) volop in de strijd om de wereldtitel tegen USA!

Met vriendelijke groet, DeGlen


Managers Belges!

C’est avec fierté que je vous annonce que, comme entraineur de l’équipe national, j’ai réussi a atteindre la finale de la coupe du monde avec la Belgique.
Après une poule difficile, nous avons affronté la Turquie en huitième de finale,  et nous l’avons emporté 2-1. En quart de finale nous retrouvions le défendeur du titre, l’Argentine, qui était une des grands favoris de ce tournoi. Encore une fois nous avions emporté notre match, cette fois 1-0. Pensant que l’histoire ne pouvait pas devenir plus belle, j’ai préparé le match de la demi finale contre la Bulgarie, qui elle aussi était une des grands favoris pour le titre. La Bulgarie nous a sous-estimé, ce qui leur a couté cher. Nous les avons battu 3-1. 

La raison pourquoi j’envoi ce mail a chaque manager Belge est parce que je trouve cela dommage que je ne vois pas de supporters Belge ‘encourager’ l’équipe dans les commentaires des matchs. Etant la grosse révélation de la coupe de monde nous avons beaucoup d’encouragements de la communauté Gokickoff, et j’espère de retrouver vos encouragement pendant la finale demain. Donc managers Belges ! Laissez-vous entendre, et encourager demain votre équipe national a 14heures ( 15h temps belge ) pendant la finale contre les Etats-Unis !

Salutations, DeGlen

Gokickoff Language Translation / 'Belgian'
« on: November 24, 2011, 08:42:05 AM »
Hi, I'm from Belgium.. I came to gokickoff this morning and the homepage was in, euh, I don't know what it was.. But it looked like Russian or something like that.. I looked which language was selected and it was 'Belgian'.. Youknow, 'Belgian' is not the language of Belgium.. It isn't even a language :s.. So please admin delete that 'Belgian' translation :s.. Belgiums languages are Dutch and French.. NO 'BELGIAN'!  :o


Belgium / Activiteit belgisch forum
« on: November 17, 2011, 11:24:39 AM »
Hier moet dringend is ewa actiever worden geweze :)

Need help ? / About logging on 2 different accounts on same IP adress
« on: October 23, 2011, 11:10:35 PM »
Had a question, this tuesday I go to a friend in RL playing some PS3 :), he also plays Gokickoff.
And tuesday, again some free player transfers are ending, so we both like to change our bids the last minutes before the deadline.
Can  we both log in in his home? Or shouldn't I log in on his IP adress? Cause I don't want to get banned for such a thing :s


Suggestions/Bugs / Incoming transfer bug
« on: August 14, 2011, 10:44:03 AM »
Yesterday I bought a player for 411111 G. I got the message in my club news that I bought the player 3 times. And in the transfer history of the player you can see he transferred to my team for 3(!) times. And now I suddenly realise that the 411111 G was taken from my budget 3 times too!.. So I paid 411111 G three times for this player! I lost 822222G like that :( --> This is the player, watch his history

Hope admin can do something about that


Belgium / Nationale ploeg
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:23:35 AM »
Als bondscoach van de Belgische nationale ploeg hier op gokickoff, ben ik op zoek naar goede Belgische spelers die in aanmerking kunnen komen voor een selectie!

In de huidige selectie zitten namelijk heel wat spelers uit ploegen met een inactieve manager of zonder manager. Mijn bedoeling is dat de hele selectie bestaat uit spelers die uit een actieve ploeg komen.

Van de mensen die dit lezen veronderstel ik dat ze actief zijn. Dus wie spelers heeft waarvan hij denkt dat ze het potentieel hebben om voor hun land uit te komen, laat het mij weten!


Belgium / De Cup
« on: January 04, 2011, 01:37:28 PM »
De eerste ronde van de Cup is gespeeld! :)
Verwachtingen voor het verdere verloop van de Beker?

Belgium / Kennismaking
« on: January 02, 2011, 11:27:39 AM »
Hallo, ik dacht, ik ga het Belgische forum maar is in gang proberen te krijge.. :)
Er zijn nog niet zoveel Belgische spelers op dit spel en heb al gemerkt da er veel niet actief zijn.. Wie is er allemaal wel actief bezig met het spel?

Ik ben Glen, 19jaar
Ik woon in de buurt v Brussel, en ben supporter van Anderlecht :)
Ik ben op Gokickoff manager van RSC Arsenal. De huidige leider op Top Level in België.. Hoop die plaats vast te houden ;)..

Wie zijn jullie?


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