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Suggestions/Bugs / Fire coach
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:13:42 AM »
Manual says: "If you dislike a coach, you can cancel his contract and hire a new one."

Now im quite unable to figure out where exactly I can do this.

If the spammers at least had something of interest to push onto the human race....

Norway / Tidenes talentfabrikk?
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:24:29 PM »
Her snakker vi potensiale i laget!!!

Norway / Til info: Merkelig
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:50:44 PM »
Hepp. Som dere antagelig vet så har jeg i flere sesonger hatt et ekstra lag i WeAreUnited som jeg logger inn på i ny og ne. Har ingen abisjoner tover at jeg klikker litt her og der innimellom, samt at de låner to av mine spillere og spiller med de hver sesong. Som er grunnen til at jeg har laget basically.

Til min overraskelse så har jeg nå fått solgt noen spillere fra det laget, som i utgangspunktet jo bare er hyggelig, men jeg finner det snodig når tre spillere kjøpes av samme klubb. De har faktisk plukka opp en spiller fra meg tidligere også.

Bare så det er sagt så har jeg ingen anelse hva dette er for en klubb, eller hva de nå holder på med som kjøper rasket mitt. Men nå er det i alle fall sagt. De burde da heller gjort det med medium spillere fra Brummington. :)

Player Transfer Ads / Garage sale
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:57:27 PM »
BIG SALE! Several PA 10!
DC - 31 - 8/8/1 - Gading Nuswanto (6179468): 100! [player details]
DC - 19 - 7/9.9/3 - Brage Mjøs (8976137): 3.450.000 2.450.000! [player details]
DC - 17 - 4/10.5/3 - Rikard Sæter (9425428): 3.125.000 !!!  [player details]
DML - 21 - 7/9.7/4 - Frans Gøran Øvrebø (8824162): 890.000  [player details]
DMC - 20 - 7/8/3 - Viljar Haugen (8952321): 499.000  399.000 [player details]
MC - 24 - 8/10/1 - Kaspar Falkum (8284510): 4.999.000 2.950.000   [player details]
AMR - 18 - 5/9.7/5 - Jim Midje (9259460): 2.990.000  [player details]
FC - 19 - 4/9/3 - Horesa Peleke (9389890) : 990.00  799.000 [player details]
DC - 16 - 3/9/4 - Viggo Røine (9389889):1.450.000! Sold!
DL, DML - 3/10/3 - Andreas Solstad Nielsen (9418783) : 1.700.000 Sold
DL/DML - 20 - 7/8/4 - Brage Abrahamssen (9119428):499.000 Sold
MC - 19 -  4/10/4 - Christopher Sjøli (9268959): 3.420.000Sold
MR - 23 - 7/7/1 - Ferdows Homayoun (8254388): 299.000 Sold
ML - 18 - 5/9/3 - Nicklas Jarstein (9247556) : 990.000 Sold
ML - 17 - 6/9/3 - Martinius Falla (9103290) :899.000 Sold
ML/AML - 17 - 3/9/3 - Torkjell Sæther (9394291) : 990.000 ]Sold
AMC - 17 - 4/8/3 - Halvor Bråthen (9251553): 399.000 Sold
FC - 23 - 7/9,8/2 - Charlie Haga (8819432): 790.000 Sold
FC - 20 - 5/9.8/3 - Hugo Nielsen (9131816) : 499.000 Sold
FC - 17 - 6/8/4 - Louis Finstad (9247557) : 399.000 Sold

Sometimes one stubles upon teams and transfers which raise eyebrows, and in this cas, its the exchanges between Umbrella Corporation ( and fantastic 11 (
The 25. October 2017 3 players moved from fantastic 11 to Umbrella Corporation.
Vilko Muratović a 20 year old with a transfer fee of 6.586.666 (
Momir Predic a 26 year old with a transfer fee of 7.000.000 (
Nazariy Lagunov a 30 year old with transfer fee of 7.040.000 (

Say what you will, but these three players are really shite compared to their transfer fees. The latter was signed by fantastic 11 on the 28.03.2017 for 572.400 ecom after his first transfer 10.08.2012 at 212.345.

So what triggered this immense increase in value? The players played 1, 1 and 9 games each last season for their respective club after the transfer after such a huge investment!?!

I dont know about you, but there is something smelly about this operation. And looking at the list of transfer, one could almost assume something fishy has been going on. The Serbian Umbrella Corporation manager has logged on only a few times since the transfers.

I would like fantastic 11 and umbrella to respond to the activity to clarify.

General Discussion(English Only) / Oh GOD please fix this DB problem!
« on: October 31, 2017, 03:28:49 PM »
Enough is enough.
50% of all pages fail to connect to the database.
This is simply unnacceptable, and quite frankly really unprofessional.

Step up and fix this nonsense admin.

General Discussion(English Only) / Missing energy
« on: September 05, 2017, 07:35:00 AM »
I woke up to 49 energy this morning, anyone else have this problem with energy not being increased?

General Discussion(English Only) / DB server is dying
« on: October 24, 2016, 10:32:31 AM »
Dear admin.
I know you have abandoned us. I know that you do not care. But your database server is dying. It cannot be due to load as this has been going down at the same rate managers are leaving you. But you would do well to fix this issue. Personally it cost me the WCC as I couldnt setup my team for two matches.

I hope you will look into, and fix, this issue during the season update. If you wont, I really see no reason to keep playing this game.

General Discussion(English Only) / How is this even possible?
« on: February 04, 2016, 02:58:26 PM »
I made an interest for a player and when he was released on the market I was completely shocked.
I have made a minimal effort to hide his identity due to the selling club and the manager.

Attached are the player profile and analysis.

So this player is a CA 10 ?!? What has happened? How is it even remotely possible? There is no way that even a DECENT training scheme could result in this. Why is he not like CA 6?

The player was generated season 10, he has 191 matches for different clubs and his total skills count for 228 points. His best position is 53-58. For a CA 10!?! I dont get it.

Any ideas guys and girls?

His claimed stats and CA/LA/PR arent what's promised.

Be careful.

Player Transfer Ads / Superstar Markus Greenberg on sale!
« on: April 25, 2015, 10:07:44 PM »
Check him out:

543 games, 221 assists, 116 mom, 8.28 average stats in his career, 96 goal. ML 74 at Very Good form.
Player of the year seasons 12, 11, 9, 7, 6 and youth player of the year season 5!

Awesome player. Now available...

Player Transfer Ads / ML 3/10/3 - 3.9 mill
« on: February 20, 2015, 11:36:00 PM »

Woderfully placed starting skills. But I have 3 LA 10 ML now. :(

Go get him. Other players for sale as well.

Norway / u21 / national team discussions
« on: January 28, 2015, 10:23:01 PM »
I will be playing the following players regurarly throughout the qualification:
GK: Brede Olaussen - The only GK I will be fielding
DMR: Daniel Rypaas - Has great defensive skills. I hope some offensive skills will be trained. By far the best rightback with talent
DML: Ole Kristian Gustavsen - One of the strongest players in the team
DC: Petter Gran - Needs only balance, jumping and decisions otherwise a complete defender
DC: Gabriel Prestø - Insanely good single skills, might benefin from higher physical and mental skills, but close to being a spuerstar
DC sub: Bjarte Sandven - Mentally very strong. Excellent defending skills, lacks a tad acc and pace. Will be brought on in the second half.
DC sub: Dan Gulbrandsen - Impressive talent with strong physical skills, needs better defending. Wil be brought in as a sub, could be a national player until playoff starts
DMC: Felix Skarra  - Will be an important player at the playoffs and needs to be developed. Has to improve physically probably.
MC: High skill and good influence. The experienced midfielder will be playmaker as noone can challenge him in that position.
MC sub: Matteo Skarra - The most promising MC's with high LA. Needs matches and development. Will be important in the next u21 tournament.
ML: Bertil Sæther - A natural choice because of his skills.
AML: Bendik Håland - High LA and will be playing regularly in the league as well. Hoping to reach CA 9 this season. A future star I think.
ST: Theo Bakken - Needs pace and dribbelig, but is a complete striker, low secondary skills but does occupy the Panda attack. 33 goals last season.
ST: Brynjar Ståle - Also a promising striker with allround good skills. Not a head specialist, but very good scoring.

Players I would like to see on the national team:
- Dan Gulbrandsen : Needs to develop
- Oliver Berge : Our third best striker. WIll not get playingtime in the u21. We could need a strong backup.
- Charlie Holt : The second best DMC u21 player. Could use help in reaching his LA.
- Vilhelm Mørk : Would be a sub if more were available I think. Not LA 10 tho.
- Birger Flemmen : Our only real option as a AM C. Because of LA 8 he won play this season.
- Marcus Høibo : Actually a very promising player, but too old for his own good. If he is to flavor the national team in the future, he needs more matches.
- Leiv Haga : Very low PR, but LA 10. PLaying every match at WeAreUnited this season. With help he will become a highly skilled star player.
- Matteo Skarra : Actually not good enough to be a u21 player in skil, but is in potential and as a backup player in the future. We could benefit from him playing at the top level and not let him drag down the u21 side during the qualification.

In conclusion:
Our defence, strikers and left side is very strong. A DMC should balance and make sure we do not concede many goals. Hopefully our midfielders are srong enough to produce a few chances, but the right wing and AMC role is very weak. A second MC could be good in certain matches, but no real alternatives are thare with the skill to make a difference.

Some of talented players could be placed on the national team for experience, while our best u21 could be our best alternatives at all times. One DC, the MC, two SC and a DMC on the national team is my suggestion.

What do you think Tom?

These are my thoughts.

Player Transfer Ads / Buy DMC LA 9+
« on: January 21, 2015, 10:51:31 AM »
I am looking for a good or future DMC LA 9+ and PR 3+.
Send me a pm with CA, LA and PR or visit my team to find me.

Brummington: 35084
Manager: 13003

General Discussion(English Only) / Question
« on: January 05, 2015, 08:09:20 PM »
What message do you get when completing an activity nowdays?

Do you guys see that there is a different message now then before?
A text I have never seen before.

Is it just me?

General Discussion(English Only) / So the transfer system sucks
« on: October 12, 2014, 08:52:14 PM »
This post is a rant. There is no-one to blame but me. Still, its bloody annoying.

I wanted to sell one of my players. A winger. Quite good winger actually. 7/8/5 ca/la/pr. Caps 60+ current winger skill. Would look at 65-68 at full form and experience. Even maybe 70. And I transfer listed him. Along with a few other of my players.  And I miss-clicked and forget a 0.

So what would have been a profitable player with a sales price hopefully at around 4.000.000 is now listed at 399.000. In dispair I tried everything. Back in the browser to list him at the correct price. That of course didnt work. Desperately looking for a cancel button. There isnt one. I even added false information in the speech saying he was a 5/5/2. In hopes that people wouldnt notice. They did. So he will leave me.

That just really really sucks. It would suck for everyone.

So now im considering buying him from my second team at my original sales price. This action might ban me. I might loose the money I do sell him for. Even for a "well developed" and "rich" club, this means alot of pain. I know there will be no response if I try to ask for help from admin and explaining the error.

But its a stupid feature. One should be able to adjust the salesprice and withdraw the listing if there are no active bids.

So what would you do? And what should I do? Break the rules? Suck it up and stop being a crybaby?

This is the player:

Norway / Norwegian u21 tornament interesting?
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:24:52 PM »
How would you guys feel about starting a u21 tournament for "norwegian" teams? I find it frustrating to keep looking for friendlies and torneys.
Would you join in?

Norway / Side-note to training guide
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:29:11 PM »
Each position has 14 core skills, except GK which have significantly fewer, and MC which has 16.
The total sum of each positions core skills vary between 209 and 192.

The two FC types are most specialized having 6 skills in group 16.
The central line with AMC, MC and DMC have the most 13 skills, but also the highest total sum of skills required.

This is the position matrix from the selected set of tactics for the u-21 teams:

The sum all is calculated by giving average of 5 points in the skills not core for the position. Usually the average is 6,3 for players over 21. Players on a international level tend to have a total skillset of 265 including goalkeeper stats (6 skills of an average 4 = 24), so our youngsters should end up at approximately 240 outfield skills when fully trained at CA 8.

Our current star players Fosse and Gran have 271 and 285, While the team MC and future captain Arnesen has a total skill of 303 with a CA of 7. AMC Knutson has a 117 sum of technical skills, While Gustafsen has 95 physical. Lowest, but with lots of potential is Rypaas, the back at 203 total sum.

At Brummington we can see that National team players like Greenberg has 292, Vidar Vang has 304, Hong 301, Kruger has 293 and Gulbrandsen has 285 total skills.

Norway / Norway u21 training guide
« on: September 20, 2014, 02:42:04 PM »
This post will go through a set of skills, tactics and otherwise important information I would like to share in building a great u21 team that shal be one of the last remaining 4 in the next u21 world cup.

This is not something I can do alone. Since alot of countries have far more players from high academies and youth pulls, we have to work as a team to increase Norway's chances. This post will give some instructions as to what you should train your players in, for the best result and max chance to play in the team.

Zone Marking
We will play Zone marking and so will most of our competitors. Acceleration will be very very important in that aspect, as is positioning for defenders and midfielders and passing for midfielders, wingers and attackers. Defensive skill set is Acceleration, Positioning, Tackling, offensive skill set include Acceleration, Off the ball, Passing.

DC: Acceleration -13, tackling - 16, positioning - 16,
DR/L : Acceleration- 15, tackling - 13, positioning - 15
DMR/L: Acceleration - 16, tackling - 13, positioning - 13
DMC: Acceleration - 13, tackling - 15, positioning - 16
MC: Acceleration - 13, tackling - 15, positioning - 13, Off The Ball - 13, Passing - 15
MR/L: Acceleration - 16, Off The Ball - 13, Passing - 13
AMC:  Acceleration - 13, Off The Ball - 15, Passing - 15
AMRL: Acceleration - 16, Off The Ball - 16, Passing - 15
FC: Acceleration - 16, Off The Ball - 16, Passing - 13
FR/L: Acceleration - 16, Off The Ball - 16, Passing - 15

Higher pressing will give an additional chance of both winning the ball, counterattack after winning the ball, and also create more chances in general. Since it also use many of the same skills as Zone marking, it will make it a bit easier to attain some key set skills. Offensive skillset (    (Pace+Acceleration)/2, Stamina, Tackling) defensive skillset ((Pace+Acceleration)/2, Aglilty, Technique)

DC: Acceleration -13, pace - 13, tackling - 16, stamina - 13,
DR/L : Acceleration- 15, pace - 13,tackling - 13, stamina - 15
DMR/L: Acceleration - 16, pace - 15,tackling - 13, stamina - 15
DMC: Acceleration - 13, pace - 13,tackling - 15, stamina - 15
MC: Acceleration - 13, pace - 13, tackling - 15, stamina- 13, agility - 13, technique - 13
MR/L: Acceleration - 16,  pace - 16, agility - 16, technique - 15
AMC:  Acceleration - 13, pace - 13,  agility - 16, technique - 16
AMRL: Acceleration - 16,  pace - 16,  agility - 16, technique - 16
FC: Acceleration - 16,  pace - 16,  agility - 13, technique - 15
FR/L: Acceleration - 16,  pace - 16,  agility - 16, technique - 15

We will be playing default to more roaming strategy. Roaming does help creating chances with a "mixed" strategy, and even creates some extra pressure for "one sided" attack strategies. Against very strong defensive teams is very hard. But the efforts to use stick to position effectively are often mental skills, and saved for last when training. So we will go for a more roaming strategy if any.

Requirement bonus
DC: Marking - 16, Teamwork - 13
DR/L : Marking - 16, Teamwork - 13
DMR/L: Marking - 16, Teamwork - 13
DMC: Marking - 15, Teamwork - 13
MC:  Marking - 13, Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,
MR/L:  Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,
AMC:   Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,
AMRL:  Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,
FC:  Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,
FR/L:  Stamina - 13, Teamwork - 13,

Its an easier task to train goalkeepers as they do not have as many skills. However the skillset varies more than people might think.

GK: Handling - 16, Reflexes - 16, Positioning - 16, One on One - 16, Rushing out - 13, Aerial Ability - 16, Jumping - 13, Decisions - 10

Scoring goals
We will be focusing of the following sets of opportunities to score:

OPassBallOnFloor: Creativity, OffTheBall,Passing,Technique, Teamwork
Dribbling: Dribbling, Technique, Agility, Acceleration, Pace, Strength, balance
Beating defenders from drill cross: Offtheball, Acceleration, Pace, Agility, Strength, Balance, Technique
Finding an opportunity to score: Offtheball, Dribbling, Acceleration, Pace, Agility, Strength, balance, Technique
OOffside: Offtheball, Acceleration, Pace
DOffside: Positioning, Acceleration,Decisions, teamwork

Preffered skillset
DC: Heading - 16, Decisions - 15, Strength - 16, Jumping - 13, Balance - 15,
DR/L : Crossing - 13, Dribbling - 13, Decisions - 15,  Strength - 15, jumping - 10, balance - 13,
DMR/L: Crossing - 13, Dribbling - 15, Decisions - 15,  Strength - 13, jumping - 10, balance - 13,
DMC: Heading - 13, Decisions - 13,  Strength - 16, jumping - 13, balance - 13,
MC:  Creativity - 13, Strength - 13, dribbling - 10, balance - 10,
MR/L:  Off the ball - 10, Strength - 13,  dribbling - 16, balance - 13,
AMC: Creativity - 13, Strength - 13, dribbling - 13, balance - 13,
AMRL: Off the ball - 10,  Strength - 13, dribbling - 16, balance - 16,
FC:  Off the ball - 16, Strength - 16, dribbling - 14, balance - 10,
FR/L: Off the ball - 16, Strength - 14, dribbling - 16, balance - 13,

DPaddBallOnFloor: Decisions, Positioning, Tackling, Marking

Summary - training guide Norway u-21:

Listed by position.

16AerialAbility, OneOnOnes, Reflexes, Handling, Positioning
13Rushingout, Jumping, Decisions

16Heading, Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Strength
15Decisions, Balance
13Aggression, Determination, Teamwork, Acceleration, Jumping, Pace, Stamina

15Decisions, Positioning, Acceleration, Jumping, Stamina, Strength
13Crossing, Dribbling, Tackling, teamork, Balance, Pace

16Marking, Acceleration
15Dribbling, Decisions, Pace, Stamina
13Crossing, Tackling, Positioning, teamwork, Agility, Balance, Jumping, Strength

16Positioning, Strength
15Marking, Tackling, Aggression, Determination, Stamina
13Heading, Decisions, teamwork, Acceleration, Balance, jumping, Pace

15Tackling, Strength
13Marking, Technique, Creativity, Decisions, Positioning, OffTheBall, Teamwork, Acceleration, Agility, Pace, Stamina
10Dribbling, Balance

16Crossing, Dribbling, Agility
15Technique, Acceleration, Pace
13Passing, Creativity, OffTheBall, teamwork, Balance, Stamina, Strength

16Dribbling, Technique, OffTheBall, Agility
15Crossing, Passing, Acceleration, Pace
13Creativity, Teamwork, Balance, Stamina, Strength

16Technique, Agility
15Passing, OffTheBall
13Dribbling, Finishing, Creativity, Decisions, teamwork, Acceleration, balance, Pace, Stamina, Strength

16Technique, OffTheBall, Acceleration, Agility, Pace
15Passing, Strength, Dribbling
13Crossing, Finishing, Teamwork, Balance, Stamina

FC - shooter
16Dribblig, Finishing, OffTheBall, Acceleration, Pace, Strength
13Heading, Passing, Teamwork, Agility, Balance, Stamina

FC - header
16Finishing, Heading, OffTheBall, Balance, Jumping, Strength
13Passing, Aggression, teamwork, Acceleration, Agility, Pace

A level of 16 is sufficient. I would advice going for all the listed skills for the particular position, then training each lvl 16 skills up to 18 if possible, starting with core skill of the position.

Core skills:
GK: Handling, Reflexes
DC: Tackling, Heading
DRL: Marking, Positioning
DMRL: Marking, Acceleration
DMC: Positioning, Strength, Aggression, Tackling, Marking
MC: Passing
MRL: Dribbling, Agility
AMRL: Dribbling, Technique
AMC: Technique, Agility, Passing
FRL: Technique, OffTheBall
FC1: Finishing, OffTheBall
FC2: Heading, Jumping, OffTheBall

Norway / Looking for norwegian u21 players
« on: September 13, 2014, 05:21:47 PM »
Thank you for your confidence fellow Noregian club managers.

I am looking for u21 talents preparing for two awesome seasons.

Any player with a CA of 7 or higher, OR LA of 8 or higher are interestting. Contact me by message (lordaust or brummington) or email [email protected].



Player Transfer Ads / Lots of talent up for grabs! LA 6-9, CA 7-8!!!
« on: August 22, 2014, 09:47:01 PM »
.-=|| Brummington Supershop=-.

Role        Age      Rating                   Name & Link                 Price               
D C 194/5/4Juraj Kovac350.000UZM, OMR expert
D C 205/6/4Timmy Patrickson650.000NOW 550.000
DM R192/5/4Smith Page250.000Shit player!
DM R186/9/4Alfred Tveit7.000.000Best. Wingback. Ever. 8,75 this season since his late promotion!
DM L207/9/3Thorstein JohansenMake bid!Future european wingbackstar, perfectly trained!
MC 193/5/4Ugo Martin300.000Cre 16, pass 16
MC 182/4/4Vjeko Marusic250.000-=Amazingly talentless!=-
MC 205/7/4Barret School2.000.000-=Dribb, pass, tack, pos, str: 16, cre: 17=-
MC 205/6/4Major Mark650.000-=Excellent all round skills=-
ML 193/6/4Oronde Tsiba750.000-=Technical winger=-
M RL, AM L 205/7/4Mile Gavrilovic1.600.000-=Technical speedster=-
M L207/8/3Stefan Edvartssen4.500.000-=lvl 60=-
AM L205/6/4Giuseppe Rossi750.000-=Cross, pass, teq, off, acc, pac: 16, dribl: 18=-
M R, AM R207/8/5Amund Stake4.500.000-=National u-21, discounted for 4.2 mill=-
FC 204/7/4Rodrigo Gaspar1.200.000-=Powerhouse boxplayer=-
FC 164/9/4Peder Vekseth6.000.000Monster header
FC 22lvl 71Leif BaardssonMake bidNorwegian international! League top scorer s7
FC 177/9/4Oliver BergeMake bidNorwegian u-21 international! Top scorer of season 10!

Player Transfer Ads / Looking to buy MC og AMC star
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:59:46 PM »
I got some money I need to invest in better players before the Club Championship Cup.
At least CA 8
Total outfielder skill > 260
Position skill > 65

Message here or IM Lordaust / Brummington

Norway / Analysis: Fana
« on: April 16, 2014, 06:11:04 PM »
Fana have only lost one of their last 60 matches., and its bloody hard to understand why.

They havent got even oe single player worth mentioning. This team will relegate directly. Nuff said.

Norway / Analysis: Sony Zagrew
« on: April 16, 2014, 06:04:53 PM »
A team who has been seen in the top division several times already, but failed to make the promotion permanent.

If they are to stay up now, a new goalkeeper is sorely needed. Theentral defence isok, but wingbacks are their weak spot. Vang might have more potential still, and can become a solid defendersoon enough.

Their central midfield is very strong, and the wingers have overperformed this season. However its acceptable. The strikers are another weak point of theirs, with a unknown youngster among them.

I believe zagrew will be among the teams fighting to stay up, and one of the few that will make it.

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