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Player Transfer Ads / Players for sale
« on: December 29, 2019, 04:42:37 PM »
Ilyas Jutt - 31y - MR/AMR - Lvl 72 - CA 8 - 400K 250K 100K 50K
Bryan Van Kann - 31y - MC/AMC - Lvl 71 - CA9 - 500K 250K 100K 50K
Francisco Bravo - 30y - ML/AML - Lvl 65 - CA 8 - 10K 1K 100G
Getachew Naide - 30y - DL - Lvl 75 - CA 10 - 750K 500K 400K 250K 150K 100K
Zygfryd Czopek - 29y - DMC - Lvl 67 - CA 9 - 800K 600K 450K 300K 150K
Leonardo Riquelme - 29y - DC - LVL 70 - CA 10 - 2,63M 2,1M 1,75M 1,5M 1,25M 1M 900K
Azuolas Zemaitis - 29y - MC - Lvl 74 - CA 10 - 3,05M 2,5M 2M 1,75M 1,5M 1,25M 1M
Gerben Van Aalst - 28y - FC - Lvl 63 - CA 9 - 650K 500K 400K 300K 200K 150K
Jozef Uytvanck - 27y - FC - Lvl 71 - CA 10 - 1,75M
Yannick Marie - 26y - DR/DMR - Lvl 70 - CA10 - 4,5M 3,75M 3,25M 2,75M
Nikolaas Jansingh - 19y - DCL - Lvl 62 - CA8 - 1M 850K 700K
Witaya Anongkul - 29y - AMC - Lvl 73 - CA 10 - 2,5M 2M 1,65M 1,4M 1,2M 1M 900K 800K 750K

Siegmund Van Veen - 27y - MR/AMR - Lvl 76 - CA10 - 7,5M 6,5M 6M 5,5M 4,9M 4,75M 4,55M
Duecha Naggenda - 26y - ML/AML - Lvl 74 - CA10/LA11 - 8,5M 7,5M 6,5M 5,9M 5,4M 4,9M 4,75M
Siaka Kuetey - 26y - DC - Lvl 69 - CA9 - 3,5M 2,8M 2,5M 2,25M 2M 1,8M 1.7M 1,6M

Too expensive? Sens PM with your offer.

How long will it take before admin notices there's something wrong? :)
Let's bet!


By the way, my first LA9 was bought from you, De Glen. This AML
So hard to train him....

Haha, yea, he's 1 of my 3 LA9's :p.. I got him from academy on the age of 19, with CA3 LA9 PR3... I didn't even want to try :p So I sold him..
My other LA9's and 10's are all PR3 as well, so it takes ages for them to reach full potential... Luckily they were a bit younger than Leo Kock.


so we are or pretty same level of luck, and its about medium I think. Others spent a lot g or tokens

Since I'm premium I got some free tokens and I've used 18 of them. The first 6 I used to buy new youth I don't remember. Last season I got one of my LA9's with 6 tokens, and this season my 6 tokens gave me a LA5... So I'm getting doubts by the fact that tokens give better youth...
Today I bought a new youth with 300k, and because it was a player on a position where I really need someone for the future, I immediately promoted him. He's a 6.. And youthplayers I've bought for 300k in the previous seasons weren't great either...

I'm not really someone who quickly complains, but now I'm just tired of it.
I have my the best academy for quite a few seasons now, I don't know exactly which season I got it, but back then I must have been the 9th or 10th club with the best academy. Since that day, my BEST academy gave me 2 LA10's 3 LA9's, and I'm really happy that I got those players but then it frustrates me that there are clubs with also a the best academy who get 2 LA10's and 3 LA9's EVERY SEASON. Every season again, there are even some Thai or Chinese clubs with only a very good academy, who seem to get better players than I do.

You probably think now: "why is he complaining? He probably gets loads of LA8's, and that also not bad!"... Indeed, an LA8 ain't bad at all, but my academy gave me only 4 LA8's! You start to understand why I'm complaining and I'm frustrated? In at least 6 seasons with the best academy (or maybe 7) I got 2 LA10's, 3 LA9's en 4 LA8's... For those LA8's it is already hard to get into my team, because all those LA7's I've got earlier, when I didn't have the best academy, have much more experience, and because of that, are better.

And I don't want to be arrogant or something, but an LA7 is USELESS for me, an LA7 coming out of my academy today, will NEVER make it to my squad. I've been forced to buy good young players to train for the future, because my youth isn't good enough.

And this season is the worst. Allright, I got my 2nd LA10 EVER! SO YEAY PARTY!... But the 3 other players I already promoted this season... They make me write this, because it is just ridiculous. I got an LA5 en 2 LA6's, OUT OF A THE BEST ACADEMY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? REALLY? A 5? AND A 6? EVEN 2 LA6's? I'VE SPENT A FUCKING 10 MILLION FOR THAT 'BEST' ACADEMY, AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GIVE ME? C'MON GOKICKOFF, you can't be serious anymore!

So this season I can still call up 3 more youth players. In my academy I still have 10players in it, because yes, I'm naive enough to believe I can't ALWAYS get bad youth, so I buy a new one every time I promote or fire one. But well, from those 10 players, there are 4 of whom I can see the scout report yet. They are 7-8, 7-9, 6-8 and 7-8. I shall predict what will probably happen when I promote them. They will be LA 7, 7, 6 and 7. I've learned that from my experiences. But anyway, because of their positions, the only one of them that might be usefull to me is that LA 7-9, but only if he's a 9. Otherwise he's also useless for me.

So for now I claim that I am the club with the worst best academy. If you believe yours is even worse, let me know! :) It'll ease my pain.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Market is deflating
« on: August 22, 2014, 02:42:46 PM »
I would love to join this discussion, but you know what, I'm not going to. Why? Because whatever you write here, it's not going to make any difference! You guys are wasting your time.

Isn't that a week later than the previous season? :s
Why can't it just be the same every time?

Suggestions/Bugs / Re: (CIRCUS!) Draw for World Champions Cup
« on: May 22, 2014, 05:44:57 PM »
I also noticed it that my group contained 3 Serbian teams, which looks strange... But hey, it's Gokickoff, that's the way it goes in this game.

Player Transfer Ads / Re: Rsc Arsenal SALE
« on: May 13, 2014, 06:47:58 PM »
Season 11 update 4

ARCHIVE / Re: I'm sorry, I have to show this loan case.
« on: May 01, 2014, 03:41:18 PM »
Because your behaviour asks for an impolite reply.

ARCHIVE / Re: I'm sorry, I have to show this loan case.
« on: May 01, 2014, 03:18:50 PM »
From the beginning. I didn't really get WHY you post this on the forum. But anyway. Paying 21 tokens (9.99 Euro for me) for loaning a player, for only 4 months, while it takes 2 months to get him adapted, that's just ridiculous.

Too bad, there are idiots who think that it is worth the money, and as long as those idiots exist, there will exist even bigger idiots, like you, who take advantage of this.

ARCHIVE / Re: I'm sorry, I have to show this loan case.
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:00:18 PM »
His reply is great! You guys indeed ARE the cancers of this game.
And everything Carlos says, is right.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: SOPELANA IS A HUGE CHEATER!!!
« on: April 30, 2014, 09:35:56 AM »
I also think we don't have to judge too early.
Those players are indeed good. And if they were 3 or 4 million cheaper, I would have placed a bid as well. And it is indeed Oiartzun who is in debt, so I don't see what Sopelana has to do with that.

Seems that the bug with the unhappy players is fixed.. Is probably the reason why we had trouble connecting to db earlier today.

Suggestions/Bugs / Re: No UNH players
« on: April 28, 2014, 02:27:33 PM »
Seems to be fixed :).. I have 16 unhappy players now :)


What happened with it? I don't know if the game is running fine for others, but i am having many problems with the db today....

I had troubles as well, but now everything seems to work fine again...

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: Gokickoff Season 11
« on: April 27, 2014, 10:29:57 AM »
According to the league ranking in WCL , Macedonia (ranked 24th) should have one team (my team) qualified in the group stage and 2 other teams playing qualification . Instead the Philipines (ranked 25th) have those 3 teams . We have the same amount of points , but it says that Macedonia  is 24th so We deserve those 3 teams !

Am I missing something ?

I know it wont be changed , but I am just curious WHY ?

That's because when last season ended, Philippines where on the 24th place, and your country was 25th.. I guess.. If you keep those 24th rank, to the end of the season, you country will have 3 teams in wcl next season!

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: League Ranking
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:15:27 AM »
The points for league ranking only come from the teams that play WCL

The way I observed it it is like this:

- Qualifications: win = 3 points, draw = 2 points, defeat = 1 point
- Groupstage: win = 10 points, draw = 5 points, defeat = 1 point
- Knock-out stages: I think here you get 15 points for a win, 10 points for a draw and 5 points for a defeat.. (not sure about this)

So after every matchday it gets updated.. So it's just a sum of all the points gained in the last 5 seasons in wcl by teams of each country.

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: League Ranking
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:32:05 AM »
do you mean league ranking in the WCC?

General Discussion(English Only) / Re: MOTS
« on: February 27, 2014, 11:58:45 AM »

Also, lets remove MOTS from WCL. One of my countrymen recently defeated a much stronger opponent in WCL without a MOTS:
So I really don't see why they are needed....

Lol.. That was a lucky win of your countrymen ;).. Hehe  :-[

As Carlos says.. Using a mots should include a penalty..
I don't know if some of you are familiar with the game Hattrick?.. There you can also play as if it is the match of the season, but that has a negative effect on the team spirit.. Here in GKO there is no genereal team spirit. So maybe using a mots should have a negative effect on the morale of your players or instead of losing 10% condition from a game, the players should lose 20% if they play a match of the season.

Tips and Tricks (English Only) / Re: Effect of trainer on a +CA7 player?
« on: February 17, 2014, 10:20:27 PM »
Thanks for the reactions! ;)

Tips and Tricks (English Only) / Effect of trainer on a +CA7 player?
« on: February 17, 2014, 05:21:10 PM »
This has probably been asked before.

But if a player is let's say LA9 and CA8, does it matter if he still has a coach assigned to him?
I know players who are CA7 or more only get training from matches, but do they receive more training in a match if they still have a coach? Or can I just stop assigning a coach to that player?

And always on the worst moment possible for me.
My WCL game is at 3PM in the afternoon where I live. So this morning at 8 AM, when I woke up and wanted to login to GKO before going to school to set my tactics for the game, but I couldn't!

Last week it was the same story on friday when I had to set the NT tactics!

Player Transfer Ads / Rsc Arsenal SALE
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:58:00 PM »

DM CL     Benjamin Neuman     7/7/3     Age: 21     850K

AMR     Hamadou Simo     7/7/3     Age: 20     1.5M 1.2M

FC     Nico Snyders     3/7/3     Age: 17     500K

FC     Pădureţu Bucur     6/7/3     Age: 21     850K 800K

FC     Steph Van Eenoo     7/7/7     Age: 17     1.6M


DC     Joos Rijnder     7/8/4     Age: 21

DC     Torsten Appelo     6/8/3     Age: 19

Need help ? / Re: Player Wage
« on: January 07, 2014, 04:44:38 PM »
Not every CA7 player wants a 9K wage. And also CA6 player want a 9K wage sometimes.. Once a player his estimated value is more than 600K when the new season starts, he wants a 9k wage.

I have a CA7 player who's is 592K and he has a 3k wage. And I have a CA6 player who's value was 623K when this season started, and he was unhappy too and wanted a 9K wage. So once a player reaches 600k estimated value, he will ask a higher wage.

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