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The game is changing, prepare
« on: December 28, 2012, 10:31:12 AM »
As you guys might have noticed the new rules and regulations on the transfer market have kicked in, and now we will see the results.
Do not underestimate the changes, these ideas GKO have brought in will change the scene completely.

These are my thoughts to what the game will be and what challenges will come as a result.

Youth academy
With the low income of instant sale of youngsters, alot of clubs will keep their young players for a much longer period. This will have a couple of very problematic results. In 2 seasons time, most of the youngsters from the new academy system will be put on the transfer list. This game, and any other strategy game for that matter, is mainly about profit and economy.

Because there are ALOT of players from the youth academy between potential ability 4-6, the market will be flooded completely with fully trained 20-21 year olds. That means that the price of such players will go heavily down and the profit will go down the drain. You will have been paying their salary for 3 seasons and still be crippled by the agent fees.

Another direct result of this is that mediocre teams will afford quite decent players, and in so the teams overall will be strengthened. Suddenly experience will be a factor to take into account. The difference between 1-2 stars and 5 stars will be huge. That means that teams actually playing alot of friendlies and using their youngsters in league matches will get the profit they seek.

Higher potential ability players 7+ will become more and more expensive since noone wants to give them up. But in a rebuilding phase they will have to since others do not give that much profit.

The national teams who have been playing young players for a while will become dominant as excellent players over the age of 26 will be rare. Most national players will be high experienced 23-25 year olds, just because so many players are promote from the academies.

How do I counter this?
Build facilities
Since transfers will become less profitable, stadium and ranking will be increasingly important. That slightly higher income on a weekly basis will in the end become very important. Especially since wages will increase drastically in the future. Today too many players are focusing on the academy, which will generate fare more youngsters than needed. And they will have higher salaries than the stars of today. Next season we will see alot of whining about this. Talents will demand 3k wages pr week each since you cannot sell them instantly and have to train them.

Less players and less youngsters
We will see less youngsters promoted in the future. Only real talents will be promoted after 3 seasons, as its not really profitable. And income management will be more important. That means less players, but skilled players. We will also see more teams with some youngsters in their first eleven. Attackers and wingbacks primarily, wingers secondary as those are the easiest to train/lest impact on match results.

Skilled midfielders
Midfielders needs more skills to become stars than others. Thus the prices for midfielders will rise dramatically. The same probably for goalkeepers.

Buy smart
Since the transfermarket will be flooded, prices will go down for average players. Star players however will go for sky-high prices. Older experienced players will also become more attractive as their experience and skill will be rare. Clubs will however become richer, since agent fees is the best way to remove money from the game.

I do not know any of this of course. But already we see the changes in the transfer market. Its harder to sell average players even now. And it will be tougher. Everyone wants to sell of their talents, and too few players will retire. Especially since new teams will have new generated players. Whatever I think the majority of players will be doing, i'll be doing the opposite. Whatever everyone else is doing will lessen the profit in doing so, I believe.

What do you guys think?

Im excited too see what GKO will do to counter the situation.


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Re: The game is changing, prepare
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 02:19:35 PM »
Takker så mye for flott informasjon.  Mye fornuftig i dine konklusjoner.
Keep up the good work and give us update 8)