Author Topic: fantastic 11 vs Umbrella Corperation:unfortunate events or stone cold cheaters?  (Read 1372 times)


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Sometimes one stubles upon teams and transfers which raise eyebrows, and in this cas, its the exchanges between Umbrella Corporation ( and fantastic 11 (
The 25. October 2017 3 players moved from fantastic 11 to Umbrella Corporation.
Vilko Muratović a 20 year old with a transfer fee of 6.586.666 (
Momir Predic a 26 year old with a transfer fee of 7.000.000 (
Nazariy Lagunov a 30 year old with transfer fee of 7.040.000 (

Say what you will, but these three players are really shite compared to their transfer fees. The latter was signed by fantastic 11 on the 28.03.2017 for 572.400 ecom after his first transfer 10.08.2012 at 212.345.

So what triggered this immense increase in value? The players played 1, 1 and 9 games each last season for their respective club after the transfer after such a huge investment!?!

I dont know about you, but there is something smelly about this operation. And looking at the list of transfer, one could almost assume something fishy has been going on. The Serbian Umbrella Corporation manager has logged on only a few times since the transfers.

I would like fantastic 11 and umbrella to respond to the activity to clarify.


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Very known cheater. Only option we have is to send an email to GM. Sometimes it works...
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This user is making laugh on GM's admin and every single user...Umbrella corporation  :(   :)  It is even funny but come on, how long  :-\
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