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Side-note to training guide
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:29:11 PM »
Each position has 14 core skills, except GK which have significantly fewer, and MC which has 16.
The total sum of each positions core skills vary between 209 and 192.

The two FC types are most specialized having 6 skills in group 16.
The central line with AMC, MC and DMC have the most 13 skills, but also the highest total sum of skills required.

This is the position matrix from the selected set of tactics for the u-21 teams:

The sum all is calculated by giving average of 5 points in the skills not core for the position. Usually the average is 6,3 for players over 21. Players on a international level tend to have a total skillset of 265 including goalkeeper stats (6 skills of an average 4 = 24), so our youngsters should end up at approximately 240 outfield skills when fully trained at CA 8.

Our current star players Fosse and Gran have 271 and 285, While the team MC and future captain Arnesen has a total skill of 303 with a CA of 7. AMC Knutson has a 117 sum of technical skills, While Gustafsen has 95 physical. Lowest, but with lots of potential is Rypaas, the back at 203 total sum.

At Brummington we can see that National team players like Greenberg has 292, Vidar Vang has 304, Hong 301, Kruger has 293 and Gulbrandsen has 285 total skills.


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Re: Side-note to training guide
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 04:41:21 PM »
Different sets of skills are ofc needed for different tactical specializations, and individual pr team. I wont go any deeper into explaining my skill-sets, and the tactic we will be using. Even if this information is available for everyone too see, there is still some very important tactical adjustments I have hidden to be flexible and being able to counter some of the strongest teams in the world.

I dont really fear the teams with the strongest and most valuable players, however we might end up facing some of the very clever managers for teams like Poland, Argentina and USA (and others). They can be quite tricky with their setup, and variable playing style.

The most important part to play in the success of our national teams depend on YOU. On your training and letting your national team youngsters, and full national team players, play and gain experience. The most influential part of the game is experience. This is where Norway is lacking most behind.

I will be selecting a base of 15 players which I want to nurture to reach at least CA 7 before the tournament starts. I will not be playing players at the age of 21 for long, as they cannot be part of the team next season. To gain results we need to build up a strong, experienced and specialized team, with a solid set of skills suited for your playing style and tactics. This is the only reason I am posting all this information to you all.

Remember that one of our key players is CA 7 and LA 7. Two of the worlds best players are CA 7 with a good base set of skills. CA isnt everything. This is why I also want to see players of CA 7 with solid skills. If you have players maximum of age 20 with a total skillset of 270, they might be exactly what we need.

If you have any questions, found any errors or otherwise do not agree to my plan. Please let me know in PM of post it here and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Thank you for trusting me with the national u-21 team the next two seasons.

Lordaust / Alex
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