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Title: No MOTS in Top Level...Revisited
Post by: Brian Clough on April 01, 2017, 07:51:13 PM
This is the 5th season with a "no mots" rule in league matches and I think it has been going well. We have not witnessed our league winner made a mockery of in WCL group stage as they were in season 13 (when the USA lost its 4th WCL spot) and at least one USA club besides the league champion has reached the WCL group stage in this time, in part due to mots played in WCL qualifying rounds. However I am not the only member of the top level league, so it seems a good time to revisit this rule and hold another vote.

The Rule:
MOTS are not allowed in league matches except against any club that has won the league in the past 3 seasons or any team on the MOTS target list (;topicseen#new). Clubs found to have used MOTS in a Top Level league match will be placed on the league MOTS target list for 3 months. If a club plays another MOTS in a Top Level league match while it is on this list, the time is extended an additional 6 months for each additional infraction.

The Rationale:
1) The best teams get the WCL spots. We do not want mediocre teams hurting our national WCL ranking by using mots to nick the league title.
2) Final league ranking reflects each team's/manager's quality, making for the fairest result for all teams.
3) It makes the cup much more competitive and fun since many mots will be played there.
4) It frees up mots for clubs in WCL or WCL qualifying rounds

The poll will run through season 19. The option with the greatest number of votes wins. Repealing this rule requires a majority vote, so a tie will keep the rule in place.
Whatever the outcome, this issue will be re-visited in season 24.

Please vote!