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Title: stelarossa fc-history
Post by: moma3108 on November 11, 2013, 02:54:08 PM
*best team
*stellarossa is club founded 13/04/2011,modeled on the famous club Crvena Zvezda ( ,ex world champion which is probably the most famous club of Eastern Europe, according to history, results and players who have played in it.
Club's ambition to justify a name that carries the famous Crvena Zvezda,and of course one day to play and win Top league,and represent the country in the best possible way in WCL. It is a long way, but the club will be perssient to achive moma's ambition's

10-th season is close, i already lost some of the best players in history so i can't put the link's but i will mention tham in best 11 of stelarossa FC ( in history.
GK:E.Bastjanovic ( matches 78 avg. 6,26
DR:D.Dragovic ( matches 138 avg. 5,80
DC:L.Franic ( matches 179 avg. 6,58 11xMoM

DC:M.Gavrilovic first (C)
DL:I.Kasun ( matches 109 avg. 6,31
MC:S.Johanshon ( matches 88 avg. 6,63 22x Asts
AMC:M.Tomcic best Asts+Gls in history
MR:G.Mlakar best Asts in history
ML:E.Rubio ( matches 36 avg 7,25
FC:A.Mlakar ( matches 145 avg 6,78 47xGls best in history 20xMoM
FC:R. Vidojevic ( matches 71 avg 6.51    28xGls

-player who isn't in best 11, but should also be mentioned, as important is         
Matija Jurili    ( matches 62  avg. rating 5,85
*this are the players which are the best for this 9 season,many bether players will come in future or they are already in the squad but for now this are the player's which gives most to the club,and they will be remembered forever...

SEASON 10 to 15th
*best team
*these are the players who make up an ideal team of Stelarossa fc from the season 10 to the end of season 15, this is the first team that I am fully trained, previous or I got finished players or bought finished players, this team is much better than the previous ideal team, the next one will be even better, which is proof that we are making progress and I and Stelarossa fc, team is better and my knowledge is greater. Maybe progress isn't too fast, but it is certainly large, in this team has invested a lot of effort, the new players which are coming will be even better, but this are all great players I am proud of them I have made them, but this team WILL CERTAINLY BE REMEMBERED IN HISTORY OF STELAROSSA FC. 

GK Enver Bastijanović ( gms.278   avg.6.42
DR Adam Lukić ( gms.132   avg.6,32

DC Luis Di Maria (   gms.165   avg.6.27

DC Ewart Bolton (  gms.134   avg.6,75

DL Elaide Ionut (  gms.89   avg.6,12
MC  Ramiz Krusko (   gms.123   avg.6,29

MR Xiaoli Zhao (  gms.137   avg.6,93     24gls. 42 asts. 20 MoM.

ML Miodrag Nikolić  (  gms.116   avg.6,38     23gls. 26 asts.

AMC Bogomil Ivov (   gms.101   avg.6,41     34 asts.
FC Phirya (    gms.89   avg.6,52      50 gls.

FC Chaiyawut Strichipan (  gms.72   avg.7.79      89 gls.

*players to be mentioned

Roberto De Bendeti (  gms.95         avg.6.30     



Formation 4-3-3

GK  Enver Bastjanovic (   gms. 330 avg. 6,42
DR  Obadele Enzinwa (   gms. 96 avg. 6.08

DC  Erling Adamsen (   gms. 120 avg. 6.69

DC  Luis Di Maria (   gms. 231 avg. 6.30

DML  Jaime Mata (   gms. 167 avg. 6.65
DMC  Wilton Coel (   gms. 49 avg. 6.32

MC  Nebojsa Nađ (   gms. 172 avg. 6.18

MC  Jesus Cigliano (   gms. 165 avg. 6.02
AMC  Brian Donda (   gms. 165 avg. 5.94
FL  Ekechukwu Jatta (      gms. 156 avg. 7.08

FR  Bogusław Augustyniak (   gms. 83 avg. 7.36

FC  Chaiyawut Strichipan (   gms. 125 avg. 7.36
FC  Jong-Pil  Ban (http://)   gms. 166 avg. 6.46



most APPS ever:
1. Enver Bastjanovic (    330

2.Luis Di Maria (    231

3.Nebojsa Nadj (    172

most GOALS ever:
1. Chayawut Strichpan (    119

2.Jong-Pil Ban (    84

3.Phirya (    50

most ASTS ever:
1. Ekechukewu Jatta (    51

2.Xiaoli Zhao (    42

3. Miodrag Nikolić (    26